We are visiting Jamaica on Thanksgiving. Any recommendations?

We need suggestions for good resorts at Jamaica to accommodate 3 adults and 2 children. What places should we visit? What else can we do there and what should we know about the place before we travel?


Country: Jamaica


hey you can come to Ocho Rios! lots of fun things to do, climb falls water sports, trails and things like that. DiscoveryBay as well nice place all on the north coast.
Seeing that i'm from the Negril i would recommend that you come here anjoy our beautiful beach and you can stay at Coco La palm
As a tour guide, there are so many places you can visit, where you can also take your kids..waterfalls, waterpark,dolphin coves, nature tours, glistening waters, for places to stay, its a wide varities to choose from..In montego bay, all-inclusive resorts, like our new Riu, Holiday Inn, Breezes Montego bay,i could go on and on..Just go online, check them out..enjoy it all when u finally come..
I live in Kingston so there are lots of places to see, we have the hip strip in New Kingston where night never stops for the adults, there are parks and zoo to take the children. Also if you are a Bob Marley fan you can visit the Bob Marley Museum. This tour will take you around Kingston which is very adventureous so come on down to our capital city for your thanks giving. I promised there are hotels in kingston that accomodate both adults and chilren. For the tour guide service it will be $200.00 USD for the 3 adults and the 2 children for the day.
I need to know what kinda scenery would you like. do you want a resort on the beach or in the mountainside? here are a couple websites to check out. and . there are alot of fun things to do: plantation tours, canopy tours, rafting, cool runnings water park, cave tours, bobsled, more websites - ,
I just have to say, consider the east side of Jamaica. It is what you are looking for. You might consider Zion Country for beach (private beach), people (walk out the door and you are in the community, plus you can meet other travelers), jungle (hard to miss this one in the country), river walks (contact us and walk up the Drivers River toward Reach Falls. The Falls is owned by the Government now, you can decide if it is worth the money to take a peek, but the walk is the most beautiful in the world). You can branch out from there. Zion Country Local transport gives you the freedom to stand at the side of the road:)
You can check this site :
Guesthouse place in quiet community of Rhyne Park Village, Montego Bay.
US$500 weekly, air-conditioned, high speed Internet, 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, TV, parking etc.
There's a place called Great Huts in Port Antonio. It is a very unique place to stay, at a low cost as well. It was that I was right next to Boston Beach where there is surfing, every morning I woke up, walked down to the beach and had a swim! Another thing I tried that was amazing was rafting on the Rio Grande. They take you for over an hour on a bamboo raft through the jungle, and stop in an area where the water is deep and you can jump off of rocks into the water.
Traveling local style, is very inexpensive, but not so comfortable! If you can can pack light, I would recommend it!
Check with Jamaica Tourist Board Montego Bay 1 876 952 4425. Ask for Michele Montaque or Carlene Moore. Otherwise I would say any of the Sunset Brands. Sunset Beach Montego or Sunset Jamaica Grande in Ocho Rios. They have one in Negril too but the beach is across the road. (dont do that with Kids)otherwise really nice.
well, you have a lot of choices of resorts here. If you want an all inclusive resort which caters both for the children and adult I have three suggessions.You can visit ocho rios particularly Sunset Grand because it caters for both adult and children, so bot can able to hvae fun. Addittionally,the town boast alot of attractions both adventures and oherwise such a mystic moutain which has a bobsled ride, dolphin cove, dunns river fall. Most of these attraction are waling distance from the hotel.

I would also suggest starfishhotel in trelawny, this is also a family hotel. Trelawny also has attractions such as outameni experience, historical journey through jamaica.

on the western side of the island there is sandals and beaches which are family friendly all inclusive hotels. Moreover, Negril and by a lare extension Westmoreland have various natural attractions such as falls and cool runnings water park that can add to your vacation and make it special.

If you however need hotels and accomodation that are not all inclusive there are alot of that too. so let me know
There is Starfish in Trelawny, FDR in Montego Bay, Beaches in Negril and Montego Bay, Beaches in Ocho Rios area. It depends where you wish to be stationed for there is a whole lot to do islandwide from Negril to St. Thomas. It also depend on if you wish to do a historical tour, Amusement tour, Museum, city walking etc check my website /site/tflc2008 and you will get more info on what I offer you will need to book at least two weeks to a month prior and I will book different tours for you. Thanks for your business aforehand.
come to montego bay and stay at the ROYAL DECAMERON RESORT.
Id say FDR in Runaway bay, Starfish and Silversands in Trelawny and Chattam Cottages in Mobay. If you want to be more off the beaten track theres Strawberry fields close to Annotto Bay, or San San and Dragon Bay in Port Antonio. If you want to experience more of Jamaica like a local rent a small mini van and stay close to Ochi as its Midway between Kingston Port Antonio and Mobay. Hope this helped enjoy your experience! One Love
Starfish Resort in Trelawny thats the western end of the island would be a good choice for the family. You have various activities for the kids and adult alike. Attraction to be seen is one called "Outameni" - this is a live depiction of our cultural past performed by real people. Its one attraction not to be missed. Lets not forget our wonderful beaches too, There is Dunn's River Falls not far from Trelawny. Take the trip it will be one unforgetable experience.
the best place to be is Paradise vacations-
Will you be celebrating Thanksgiving in November? November marks to end of our hurricane season and it is a great time to visit Jamaica. You will get the feel of real tropical weather, warm days and cool nights.
When travelling with children, the best choice is to stay at a hotel that caters to them. This will give you time for yourselves and they will be so busy, they'll hardly remember that you are there. My favorite hotel to stay is Pebbles Resort, the pricing is affordable and the nanny service is excellent. Then ere are the Beaches Resorts, found all along the North Coast and last but not least, Starfish Trewlawny (only hotel with a circus). Starfish and Pebbles are in close proximity. All these hotels have entertainment specific for the children and for the adults as well. They are all-inclusive, so you don't have to worry about a budjet and gratutity is included.
As for entertainment, a real cultural experience is to visit "Outameni" and then there is Dunn's River Falls, Horesback Riding, Bicycle Tours, Canoping through the Rainforest, River Tubing & Rafting and Shopping. Tours can be done in a group with others or you can customize you tours and do so by yourself.
For customizing tour, send me an email at
I am certain if you wish to visit a club outside of your hotel, that can me arranged and I am certain, there will be a live performance (stage show) of our local artist for your pleasure.
Email at for any further inquiries.
hello, check out FDR in Runnaway Bay, Riu Resorts or Starfish in Trelawny- all good for kids and family. There are so many great adventures in Jamaica- Please contact Courtney at for tour guide service- 130US$ per day flat rate includes all transfers and pick ups
Negril is the most popular destination in Jamaica for a reason. It's the best example of all that is beautiful about Jamaica. You can access the full range of tastes and treats in the most scenic and beautiful city in Jamaica.

Many Jamaican families celebrate Thanksgiving as we do in America. It's an enlightening experience to enjoy the holiday with a Jamaican family.

firstly let me suggest kool runnings water park for family entertainment and also outamine experience in falmouth great places to go to...enjoy your thanksgiving
I would be glad to help you out with some custom vacation planning if you can give me some more details. What city would you like to visit and how long do you plan to visit for? How old are the children?

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