How long can I stay in Peru with a passport

what is the length of time im allowed to stay in Peru?


Country: Peru


You can stay 3 months (180 days) but then you go to imigration and pay some money and then you can stay 6 months can make this 3 times more....
that's correct... and depending where are you gonna stay, and if is close to some border, you can go and back the times you want renewing your visa. Most the people do it going to Copacabana, the border between Peru and Bolivia, is not expensive at all.
it depends on where your passport is from.

there you can find a link, if it says "no" in the first column of your country, then you're alright and other answers apply! (180 days..)
Hi! I'm Luciana from Andean Kingdom, is a turism adventura agency in Huaraz - Peru, I'm from Argentina and the firsts years I was in Peru i didn't have a residence card, and I needed to leave the country every 3 month, 90 days, what I know is that this is the maximum days you can get... anyway if your visa is expired you have to pay $1 USD each day you are ilegal.
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Actually, the rules have changed just recently. You can get up to 6 months when you enter the country. After that, you must leave. If the full 6 months is required, make sure to ask for it when entering.
i think the last answer you got is right and wrong. its 90 days then you can go to chile for one day and come back.
You can stay here for 3 months also you have the posibilty to be 6 months more, and do the same by 3 times.
As of 2009 you can ask for a 6 month stay with your passport. This law was just put into effect this year. Just ask the immigration officer when you arrive at the airport. At the time you are asked for your passport.
Ashley: When you arrive at the Lima airport your passport will be stamped by one of the officers. Usually they give you the maximum, which is ninety days (3 months). When this period expires you can renew your permit twice for 30 days each time, paying $20 each time. So now you are up to 5 months. At the end of this period, if you still want to extend your stay, you have to cross the border into Chile or Bolivia and you will be given a new stamp in your passport for another 90 days, and you can start the whole process again. Make sure you do not lose the little paper stub the passport officer will give you as he stamps you passport. Good luck. Get in touch with me if you need to at
I think that now they give you 6 months directly
Only 3 months, after that u can ask to Migration Office to stay here in Perú 1 month more but you´d have to pay 20 dollars, can do this a couple of times after that u have to go out to any country around Peru and enter again that way you´ll get another 3 months more without paying the 20 dollars fee.
3 months.
Extensions are available paying a fee up to six months.
This must be very confusing, all these different answers. The law and the reality are two different things. You are indeed normally given a 90 day visa on entry, and yes you can extend, but there is NO NEED TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY when you run out of extensions. Whenever you are ready to head out of the country you simply visit the local immigration office. They'll give you a statement for $1 a day that you take to the bank, you pay your $1 a day, then return to immigration. They'll stamp your passport with the extended visa, and you are all set. I've been here for more than three years, and haven't had a problem the couple times I've left to visit the states. If you are near Trujillo, I have a friend in the immigration office that is really helpful, but any immigration post will help you.
It depends on the inmigration guy, most of the time they give 30 days, but I believe they can give until 90 days.
It depends if live you come from the borders, if not 3 months (90 days), you need to pay U$1 per extra day after that, other alternative if you come from other countries not near Peru, cross the frontier and comeback
Three months legaly and it extends to six months!
About 3 months
you can stay 180 days, and then ask for an extension at foreign affairs office (migraciones)
Here is the official answer to your question on the Peruvian government site "You will be issued a tourist card upon entry, which is valid for up to 90 days. You may renew your tourist status at a Peruvian immigration office (Oficina de Migraciones) for 30 days. The revalidation will cost twenty (20) dollars. The main Oficina de Migraciones in Lima is located on Prolongacion España #734, in Breña (phone 330-4112)."
I have also heard that the new rules extend the duration of the original entry to 150 days (5 months). But if this is true it hasn´t made it on the webpage yet. Good luck.
Hello Ashley:
you don´t mention what country you´re from you can check right here for more info some countries to come as a tourist you don´t need a tourist visa some other you do now the lengh to stay 90 the first stamp and if you want to extend it you can do it going to the immigration office in Lima and they will extend it for you.....

for more info contact Peruvian in the web of your origin country. they will give you the last and finall info.
good luck!!!
3 months then you cross the border and come back for another 3 months
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