need family resort in Italy

for a week. Would like a seaside resort similar to the Iberostar in Mexico.. Is there a similar resort in Italy? My kids are 9 and 13.


Country: Italy


Difficult to answer if you've never been to Mexico! Anyway, Italy is a peninsula. I'm pretty sure you can find something similar to Iberostar. Only, here we are on the Mediterranean sea, not the ocean. Everything is much smaller on a sea. And the weather is not like in Mexico. To spend a week on seaside you need summer as well.
I think if you are looking for a seaside resort that will cater to you needs and those of your kids the best route would be to go through some of the organizations that have "toursit villages" here. Among those are: Valtur that has 10 seaside resorts in four regions - Sicily, Sardegna, Calabria and Puglia or even Club Med (not just for jet setters and singles) they have family vacations in tourist villages as well
Dear Jana N.,

you can find the same resort in Sardinia (one of the most beautiful Italian islands).

In December in Italy is about 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

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