guys if any one going in hours back riding trip in pyramids please tell me because i want to join this trip very much ,


Country: Egypt


Dear Ayman, Do you prefer a certain language or it makes no differ for you ?
Dear Jack,
You are always very helpful for me,
I just any language is no problem for me , but I prefer English if I have to communicate with people that will be very easy or of course Arabic , as I mention I just want to join any trip for having some fun you know it’s very hard now to take your friend with you to have such activates :)

Any way thank you very much again for your help and I relay will be happy if met you or join a trip of yours in this kind of activates :)

Have a great day
dear Ayman , I am now in Spain ,when i come back i can arrange it for you on one of my groups , no problems at all

have a nice time

dear jack ,
i am waiting for you ,
enjoy your time in Spain

Dear Ayman.

I think i miss understand your petition i thought you need a normal tour in the pyramids area i did not got the point that you need a HORSE RIDING .

I am really sorry i do not work or do this kind of tour , really i am sorry i thought it it a normal tour.

Enjoy your time

thanks any way

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