can one visit Menengai,Hyrax hill,Lake Nakuru in a day trip?

Menengai crater is 500meters dip and 12km in diameter. Lake Nakuru water covers 188kmsq and have to go round. Hyrax hill one needs enough time to learn. how do i do this in a day?


City: Nakuru

Province: Rift Valley

Country: Kenya


well there are many things to be considered.will you be camping out or would you return to your hotel after the trip? how long you wana spend at each site,depending on the type of people you have.some may find the crater abit boring after an hour,some may really be into archeology so they'll need more time at hyrax hill. in theory you can cover all 3 sites in a day but its gona be a marathon with careful calculation of time to be spent at each point in the trip.i suggest starting with hyrax hill as one needs a calm mind to learn and absorb all the info. then from there move to the crater and finish with a cool visit to the lake.
+254721527113, yes menengai creater hyrax is located approximately 3km from lake nakuru national park, however it paramount to consinder some factors sush as climate condation of the day, time to spent on each site,accomondation, though it can be found at lion hill sarova, lake nakuru lodge or affordable hotels at nakuru town respectively, my adivice to you is that try to beggin your tour at menengai site, since once you step your foot at lake nakuru national park you might end up spending your hole day on this terrific and explosive park

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