which is the most affordable yet best in services hotel in mombasa that provides lodging facilities as well.


Country: Kenya


This will really depends on the range that you can afford.In the north coast of mombasa,there are several hotels to choose from,i recommend sairock hotel they have comfortable rooms all airconditioned and equiped with tv,.The food is superb,have swimming pool or better still you can havea dip in the ocean nearby.The cost is also affordable.If you want to go to the high end sarova white sands is nearby.
hows about if you're looking for a place real low on budget,just a basic hotel with ok food,clean,and just a room to sleep. no air conditioners,no swimming pools,no beach,just a bare basics.
Fardeen yes I know of some in mombasa and it's affordable clean food and basic bedding.
so mention them please
Try Jawabe hotel 0722773366
you mean jawambe hotel?

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