Fun things to do in Portugal? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Portugal which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Portugal


Minho (North) a realigious feast (Festas da Sra da Agonia at August) at Viana do Castelo;
Trás-os- Montes (North) "caretos run away" &

Geoscience literacy at ARouca (giant trilobite fossils of Arouca slates):
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and many more...
Routes Water Grounds for Salt Galleons

There are three Natural Reserves in Setúbal Region(35m by bus down south of Lisbon):

Sado Estuary Natural Reserve
Arrábida’s Natural Park
Prof. Luís Saldanha’s Marine Park

Main Routes Water Grounds:

Sado Estuary Bay. Sado Bay is classified in the World Most Beautiful Bays International Club

Up Sado River (The Ancient Salt Route)
Atlantic Routes: From Setúbal to Cape Espichel (19 nm west direction). Prof. Luís Saldanha’s Marine Park

Sault Galleons Characteristics

LOA (Length over all) 20 meters
Displacement 30 tons
Driven Power (two) Sail and engine
Engine use recycled BIODIESEL
Wood (wild pine)• Wooden Boat
Yard Setúbal 1943

Historic National Maritime Patrimony
Ancient Traditional Boat Environment Friendly
Ancient Sault Galleons “Riquitum” and “Pego do Altar” are Troiacruze Lda private property

Quote 40€/pax Min 4 pax 4 hours Includes regional buffet.
portugal is a place full of suprises, u can go to geres and get a look at the national park see the wolfs, experience some nature content, u can also try the two main city of portugal, oporto and lisbon, they have several historical special places and is nice to shop.
if u are into adventure go to alentejo region south of portugal is a great place, and also try algarve, but if u want something reallydifferent come over the azores were u can really try some natural things.
Go to have a Saturday or Sunday lunch in Alcochete, on the other side of the river Tagus, full of locals.
Skiing & Snowboarding in Serra da Estrela. In the Ski Adventure Park in Manteigas this is possible all year due to synthetic "snow".
Especially this time of the year, every weekend mountainbike rides are being organised all over the country. It's a great way to see this beautiful country and to get to know its people because you are riding with the locals. You can ride at your own pace and insurance is normally included, as well as a real Portuguese lunch afterwards. If you want I can send you a calendar of events in southern Portugal. Or check out , .
So that would be all the religious events and tradicional events ,heres a site with a lot of information about it.

all the best.
Entering in a bus without knowing his destination… to be let be surprised by the city escaping the travel books and the roots already delineated . Take off the shyness and get to know and make friends among the “lisboetas”.
Going to little villages when they have thein annual feast. It's fun. People have dinner together, there is music (Fado)and dancing.
Hello, a local buddy will guide you to the very local cool stuff to visit ... even to have a nice meal with a local family. Contact us and we will give you the best suggestions for an unforgettable trip.
Hi! If you come to Cascais, Lisbon Coast, go to Bar do Guincho, in the famous beach of Cascais, and enjoy the sunset and the atlantic ocean! Good music with a fantastic view. This is just one tip but I can give you many more if you come to this region! All the best, Ana Filipa Quintão
One thing is going to Berlengas island, just in front of Peniche beach. It takes some minutes by boat and there is a fortress and rare flora around. You will feel like Count MonteCristo. Nice to try. Other is doing a sightseeing on the romans water reservatories. They still live on Lisbon's underground!! And some of them still supply some parts of Lisbon. They are many more... If interested just ask me. Take care and enjoy extreme Lisbon!;)
Starting in June with Lisbon's Festas da Cidade from 10th 13th of June, and through the entire summer, every town has their traditional party, with music and awesome local food. North of Lisbon, check out the Silver Coast, visit Óbidos, the beautiful medieval village,winner of the Portuguese Wonders, with it's medieval Festival in July, or Opera Festival in August, drink Ginja Liquor in a chocolate cup in it's many bars and pubs, then go over to Peniche and choose from dozens of restaurants in the Avenida do Mar for the best seafood dishes. From Peniche to Sâo Martinho do Porto and Nazaré, enjoy the best beaches and surf of Portugal's Silver Coast, all within a 20 KM radius.
I would rent a low budget campervan and explore all the secrets Portugal has to offer.
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Enjoy your stay!!!

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