Fun things to do in South Korea? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in South Korea which tourists rarely experience?


Country: South Korea


Most of koreans enjoy hiking and go to wildlife areas to explore. Fabulous areas like move set areas are listed on local papers or if you go on-line it will tell you where the recent move shoot was and people visit there. That can be fun..
Most of us who live in Seoul or are here on business rarely leave the city. The countryside actually has a lot to offer. Koreans enjoy getting out of the cities and hiking mountains, visiting small towns on a coast for seafood, or trying activities like rafting, climbing, biking, or visiting hot springs.
Well, as a ex-tour guide, I don't think Seoul has 'Something' to enjoy explicitely.

If you want to see something traditional, I recommend china.
If you want to be peaceful, I recommend Thailand.

But, If you want to be just being in Seoul, that is very OK. You will enjoy a lot. Sometimes, we find really something special, when we do not expect something special.

When it comes to secret things only locals do is internet shopping, i guess. Price is very good, and delivery service is very swift.
I would also say the countryside. There's a lot to do that tourists rarely see and do. I live in the countryside, so I would know. I live just outside Busan, South Korea's second largest city. Yangsan's countryside is beautiful with Tongdosa (One of Korea's 3 most important temples). There's also a water and theme park here called Fantasia and Aqua Fantasia. There are only 3 foreigners that live in this town, including me. I've never only seen 1 other foreigner visit here, and that was with a Korean person. There's many nice mountains to go hiking on, there's also a lot of deserted farmland to take a nice walk. If you don't speak Korean, just ask any kid that looks like they're in 5th through 12 grades. All the kids I teach and have gone onto the middle school speak English very well. If you're looking for a nice traditional village, go to Kyung-joo, which is about 30 minutes outside of Yangsan's countryside. Any more questions, in particular... just ask!
There is a plethora of activities to do within Seoul that are less touristy.

If you like markets stray away from Dongdaemun and Namdaemun, and head for Shindang. (Line 2, I believe) This market has anything and everything from old records to korean traditional gifts.

Another place me and my co-workers enjoy going is Noryangjin Fish market. This place is amazing. What you do is walk around an enormous market and pick what you want, then they lead you to their restaurant to cook it.

If you like getting outdoors the best Mountain, in my opinion, within the city of Seoul is Dobangsan. This is north of Nowon station and is on line 7. This whole area feels like a different Korea. It is nice stepping away from the huge buildings and copius amounts of concrete. Around Dobang you will find markets, shops, and tons of cheap eats.

Let me know if you have any further questions.
Mountain hiking is definitely a big thing among locals here. But there is much more in Seoul that is special. For good, fun local food, don't go to expensive restaurants downtown, go to neighborhoods around the Universities and find the small, unique restaurants that the college crowd enjoys. They are fun, serve good food, and often have much better values! Try the areas around Ewha Women's U., the Hongdae area, or Daehagro.

Also, for the most fascinating food and drink experience, try an adventure down the back alleys of Seoul. Restaurants are more traditional, and with a very authentic ambience. The alley north of Jongro 3 ga is very good, as are the alleys around Anguk.

Shopping is the top pastime among locals, and Myeong Dong is probably the most popular shopping district in the downtown Seoul area. But many people don't know that there is a vibrant art scene in hotspots around Seoul, with some really good small galleries tucked around in various areas. I would recommend gallery hopping north of Anguk in the Samcheongdong area -- through the neighborhoods between the palaces -- and also in the Cheongdam area near Apgujeong in Kangnam. The art is pricey here, but the galleries are exciting, very well curated and full of the verve of up-and-coming young artists.

Locals love to go to Norae-bangs: Kareoke rooms, with friends, they love to go to Jimjil-bangs: public saunas, and they love to drink soju, the national rot-gut. Koreans are very serious but also playful; driven, yet fun-loving; and they have a very sweet innocence about them -- very unlike the west.
One of the most interesting things that Korean love doing is eating at night at what is called Soju tents. You will find many Koreans with their friends there. The food and drinks are not expensive and nice way to taste other Korean cusine while in Korea.

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