Condos and apartments in Thailand?

I'm interested in renting one within the price range of 15,000-30,000Bhat. Where in Thailand can I find one?


Country: Thailand


every where in Thailand are all welcome and ready to service you in any time. just come!

Bkk, North, South or else? where would you like to stay?
There are plenty of condos and houses available in the price range you mention but you have to be more specific about the area or city in Thailand where you would like to rent please.
Every where in thailand, where do you want stay in city, island, near beach, It have many for rent in the south gulf Koh samui, koh phangan, specify more

All the citeis you can find what you ask.
Please go to the below link to chose the one you interested.

It's depend on where do you want to live ka,
If you want to live in BKK, you should check it out from the link below,

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Hi You don't exactly specify where in Thailand you want to live. Here in Phuket look at this website, this lady is about as good as it gets for info:-
you can rent a condo depending on the area location and distance to town and the beach. Thailand is very big and you will need to know which area you wanted to stay first.
Okay but where in Thailand?

It varies, but I would recommend staying away from Internet listings or agents for dwellings. Pick an area you like, hit the streets, look around and peruse. Generally, you will need first month, last and deposit with a copy of your passport. Credit check, etc., are not required. Bless Thailand for having such affordable and accessible housing...
Welcome to Thailand,,,
In bangkok there are a lot of condo that you can rent per month. The price is depend on type of room.
It would be great if you could let me know where in thailand you are looking for, how many bed rooms and how long do you expect to stay, or any preference for the unit. Then I would be able to assist you in recommending some nice condos or apartment for you.
Dear Sir
There are so many options,
First of all you have to decide on the City [Bangkok or elsewhere] and location, Total Area, Duration and month of arrival
We already have few apartments with us in your budget near Sukhumvit, On-nut area
Please let us know from which month you require to rent the property

As everyone else has informed you, in that price range you will have no trouble finding a nice place, but you need to know where in Thailand you want to live.
In Chiang Mai you can get a luxury condo for 30,000 baht
Hua-Mark area, near Abac University. Convenience is the matching word for that area, from laundry to pubs. You have it all.
I was renting a nice flat 5 minutes away from sathorn and silom road which are normally very expensive area for 15 000 bath so you can find everything
Hello try Discovery gardens in Cherng Talay in PHUKET, includes pool, jaccussi, cleaning staff twice a week, wifi internet,gradening service and 24 security. Price upwards of 35,000.00 TB per month. Can't beat that my friend.
15.000thb wil get you a stand alone villa in Chiang Mai
4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms
Where do you want?
also can check out on website

Good Luck
How long do you want to rent? and where is the location you looking for? I know somewhere it's a condo where is at satorn road the central of bankok. If you are interesting can contact me by e-mail.
where do you need to stay? I know one in Bangkok it just 15mins away from the skytrian station. Othere than bangkok you need to be specific for place and what type of condo or apartment you are looking for.
You can easily rent for that amount in Thailand anywhere.
I am living in Chiang Mai in a nice 3 bedroom furnished home 3 kilometers from the city center for 12,000 a month. You can get a new 2 bedroom apartment, fully furnished for 8,900 a month in a great location 4 kilometers from the city center and 5 minute walk to a shopping mall here in Chiang mai.

Have fun,
Randy and Ning
You can them anywhere in Thailand but depends on which area and how big you will need. Check out! It might help!
Condos and apartments are available most everywhere in that price range.It would depend on where you want to stay.In the Pattaya area there are many nice apartments available in that price range which I would be happy to help you find.I know of some here that are one bedrooms with full kitchens and close to the beach with good ammenities.
Umm it really depends on where would you wanna stay in Thailand. The price for medium apartment is about 6000 baht per month and it can be more expensive if you want to stay in service apartment. Location is the main criteria that you need to decide first. It's not hard at all to find one I ensure that. :D
i used to work in property field. so i know someone and some pleaces that u can get price of your requirement. but i would like to know that where u looking for? Bangkok, or some where? and how long for staying. coz different area area, different places there are different conditions. mostly they take for long-term renting. if u stay for short time, recommend for hotel or service apartment. but if u interested in condo, u can contact me at or just call to +66897762144 i'm please to help u for this.
Please be more specific as to your destination, Thailand is a big country but we need to know where you wish to stay, for the price you mentioned you can basicly choose anywhere in Thailand, its wether you wish to stay in any city, the countryside or the Islands of Thailand. Make your choice and people can help you.
If you come to Pattaya,you can rent a comfortable bedsit condo,tv,fridge,small balcony for 7,000 bht per month,they are called Dang apartments,centrally located ie; u can walk to center in 5 mins . Next to them are Nova Part condo's which start at 15 k per month up and are luxury,the choice at the moment is immense and there are many offers.
First of all where in Thailand are you looking to stay? Star Beach Condos in Pattaya (Jomtien) are very nice and rent for 25,000 baht a month for a 1 bedroom and 15,000 baht a month for a studio. All rooms are seaview as long as you are above the 7th floor.
for this price you can get something like 1 or 2 bedroom apt depending on the location (in Bangkok) else where if not too touristy you can get soemthing very nice with all facilities and fully furnished
In Bangkok that can get you a really nice studio or possibly one bedroom, but just about anywhere else in Thailand you can get a super nice house, townhouse, or multi-bedroom apartment.
If you like to stay in Phuket, check out
Condo's in every price range.
Hello Just come and see for yourself. Anywhere in Thailand is beautiful. It will be up to you to find your feet and deciee on where you want to stay. Happy travelling.
PS Phuket is a good start.
Within this range... there are many reasonable service apartments for rental..
RachaSathorn, Silom and sometimes even in Sukhumvit... these are in Bangkok...
check out local service apartments.. and not the international ones are much more expensive...
Well, with the price range, you can find a place you like, no problem. Depending on where you wanna be. Be a bit more specific. The links that were listed by other will give you an overall picture of what's available. Good luck.
you are welcome to rent my apartment in Phuket, Layan for 30,000 THB a months
it's up to the location
but actually, you can find it by
many website which you can reach on Google :)
Its depends on where you would like to rent. Within that range you will have available a wide offer at anywhere in Thailand . If you take a look at links which nannie told you its dead sure you will find something matches you.
with the budget given you can rent everywhere in Thailand. Some places you'll get more value for money.


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