Does the upcomming refurendum offer a good environment for tourists visiting Kenya for the Wildebeast Migration thst has just began in...

...the Mara plains?


Country: Kenya


yes it does,there is no threat to tourists at all.the voting will be on August 4th. this is not a general election thus we have nothing to worry about as far as violence and security is concerned.
any political event such as referendum.or general election might cause havoc in tourism sector assuming it is a very sensitive industry however as situation stand at the moment there is a great possibility that august 4 referendum will not affect this noble sector which is key to the growth of the economy we hope well for our country and her people
Theres no direct effect on tourists. the referendum vot is a 1 day affair and the whole thing will be over in less than a week
Yes kenyans are now wiser.Referundum will come and go peacefully.There will be no threat to tourist visiting the mara or anywhere else in the country.So we encourage visitors to come without any worries.

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