Need to know what to do in Peru

any cool place s in peru that isnt crawling with tourists?Ill be ther efor 10 days and would like suggestions on the "must sees" and "must dos"


Country: Peru


I can recomend to come to Iquitos in the Amazon basin, we have nice excurtion in the jungle or by amazon cruises...
it depends what do you like... i can recomend you do the Inka Trail to Machupicchu, visit the National Reserve in Madre de Dios - Manu or do the Huaraz Trek, or if you like surf and stuff like that, you better go to Mancora or up to the north, unfortunatelly 10 days is a little bit short, but enjoy it!!... whatever you decide to go.
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Good Luck!
Hi MissJane. If you want to have a full experience of Peru, maybe this 3 very diferents places are the best options:

- Ica: Great beaches and sea wildlife in the National Reserve of Paracas, amazing desert adventures in Ica; and one of the world's best spirit: Pisco.

- Cusco: And enigmatic, cultural and traditional city located in the beautiful highlands of the Andes, really great nightlife; and of course.... Machu Picchu.

- Puerto Maldonado: The maximum experience in the peruvian rainforest, exotic animals, ecolodging facilities, and activities in touch with nature. One of the best places to know more about our world.

I hope this advices can help you to find good places to visit and get in touch with the experience of travelling.

Good luck.

Peru has so many amazing places to offer that is really hard to chose one or two for 10 days, unfortunately the most popular are also the crowdest and more Turist oriented (like Macchu Picchu,the Inka trail or the Titicaca sea). If what you are looking for is to really see some of the country's culture I would recomend the jungle (Iquitos or Madre de Dios) and if you are looking for some trekking you may like to see the Cotahuasi Canyon in Arequipa (it's supossed to be the deepest canyon of the world). Wherever you go, enjoy your stay!
In my experience, I'd say u must go to the jungle or a tropical place in the country, like Madre de Dios, or Tarapoto resort, also if you prefer something close to Lima, you must take a trip to Ica's desert and so some sandboard.. it would be great! For more information, just contact me!
What kind of stuff u like to do?? where are you gonna be?
Hi folk!

Most of the Peruvian wonders are full of tourist, especially Machu Picchu, but is not so bad. Here I have some ideas.
There is a nice undiscovered land in the central Peruvian highlands, it is Huancavelica, has amazing landscapes you can take wonderful pics from there, lakes and glaciers, the trip is awesome!! people are natural, they are not worried about tourists, and has interesting archaeology too.
If you like archaeology you must go to the Peruvian north to visit Sipan, Tucume, and Kuelap…. That is very cool.
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Complex question. "Must sees" and "must dos" are unfortunately likely to be full of tourists.

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