Doeas a s. African need a visa

I want to visit family there. Do I need a Visa?


Country: Mexico


The only thing that you really need it’s a valid passport, one you are in the plane on the way to México, as soon as the plain get to Mexican territory the personal from the plain will hand you an application form for the tourist visa.
When you land in México at the airport you will have to cross the customs, in there they will ask you for your passport and for the application form that they gave you on the plane and they would hand you over your visa
Keep your customs document for your return, otherwise you have to pay 60 dollars to leave the country!
hi,for Mexico yes,you need a visa,here is the latest update,down below says you need it

National South Africa (ZA) /Destination Mexico (MX)

Mexico (MX)

Passport required.
- Passport and/or passport replacing documents must be valid
on arrival.
- Warning: if departing from the U.S.A.(regardless of any

destination passport exemptions), a valid passport and/or

accepted departure document (TIRULES/R9) is required by
the U.S. immigration authorities.

Visa required.

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