If you are planning to travel North to visit the beautifull city of Chiangmai and you are searching for a Dutch or English speaking... guide..let me be your guide?


Country: Thailand


Mr. Peys, believe me, you will definitely find one up north. Chiangmai is a big city, we have Dutch, Danish, German. Eversince I moved back to Thailand 3 years ago, I never met so many European before in my life. In fact, you may be able to find some people from this site that speak Dutch and English to be your guide. I'll get the name of the member and will get back to you.
I live near Wat Phrasing and I dont play golf. But Mae Jo is not very near.
I provide services in all kinds. I work mostly on my computer in webdesign and other businesses so I was thinking about doing some guides work between for some action instead of sitting all day.
Thank you.
Dear Bintmuscat
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