Which are the expectations for the World Cup in Brazil 2014? We have to think about it! Great if we can discuss here!


Country: Brazil


We need to be a strong team, I am so happy that new people are ready to make a great work. Something is for sure, I will be with you!
I am with you marcone!
I am sad because we lose, but 2014 will come and we will have lots of work, I want to belong to a company, then I think it will help.
I think you should work for yourself!
Gente eu estou a dispisição, a gente tem que planejar tudo muito bem, acho que é uma chance pra todo mundo.
A gente so nao pode perder aqui!
Eu quero muito trabalhar com gente nova!
Ideal vai ser conseguir um carro proprio e ter a carteira do Ministerio do Turismo em dia!
Eu acho que a gente deveria mesmo se encontrar e trabalhar todo mundo junto!
I think Brazil will learn the lesson and prepare for the next chance to be the best team in the world again. This time Brazil was prepared but the lack of patience and matureness made Brazil fall again. I dont think Brazil was inferior than any other team so I think we are on the right way. We need to invest on the mental skills of our players so that when a hard situation comes we can overcome it with patience. For 2014 we are going to be prepared again for the we are the best team in the world but soccer is made of moments and when a bad moment comes anything can happen. Thats why we need to be prepared in mind and spirit.
There are lots to learn my friend!
Folks, let's be in touch and work together, this world cup will be a great chance!
Oi Gente eu sou nova aqui, vejo que voces são guias bem experientes, quero muito estar com voces.
Se juntando que vai dar certo!
Eu quero muito trabalhar na Copa aqui no Brasil

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