Pls.can you tell me how much is the taxifee from the Airport to Aqaba or are there any localbusses to take me to the city,and...

...recommend me any good hostel there for a weekstay?What is better to bring Euro,Dollar or English Pound?Can I change money at the Airport?Where do you recommend to change?Does anybody know if I wold like to visit Jerusalem in a one day trip should I have an another visa to enter into Jordan?Can I buy it at the border? I am hungarian citizen.Thank you.


Country: Jordan


hi and welcome to jordan,,, first of all i recommend to take a taxi from the airport to the city of amman and i think it cost 12jd and need 20min to get to the 7th circle, then check this websie so the taxi can take you there and you can go to aqaba through this bus for 7jds i think, as for money, get us dollar or euro and you chnage it in the airport. as for a good cheap hotel in aqaba, try . thanks
as for transfer from Aqaba airport to the city of Aqaba it's a taxi for about 15 Euro
as for money it is better to draw money from an ATM rather than change money here, if you want to bring money its better to bring U.S.D since the Jordanian money is fixed rate that never change to dollars.
as for hotels you can check when you arrive there I use a hotel called "MY HOTEL" infront of AL CAZAR hotel the night there is about 60 $
you can visit JERUSALEM for one day but not from Aqaba since its too long time to get to the border from AQABA. it is better if you start from AMMAN you can go to Jerusalem from Amman by a shared TAXI about 7$ to get there using a shared taxi from there from a station called MOJAMA' AL SHAMAL مجمع الشمال you have to be there at 6:30 in the order to be at the border which is KING HUSSEIN BRIDGE at 7:30 stamp your passport and board the shuttle bus to the other side in the west-bank.
best regards
That's really a good question...
my advice for you is never use a taxi cause any taxi will rip you off .. there is a bus you will find it at the airport main door on each hour this bus will take you to 7th circle inside Amman where you can catch an Air-conditioned and luxury tourist buses from a company there, the bus from Airport to 7th circle costs 2 JD's its about 3 U.S $ and the bus from Amman to Aqaba Costs 6 JD's it's about 8 U.S $
for further information please don't Hesitate to contact me at :
i think the guys didnt answer your question about if you need another visa to get back to jordan again, it depends on the first visa you have if the date hasnt expired yet you can use it
Hello Mr. Agnes,

I do recommend if your destination is Aqaba to go direct from the airport to Aqaba, cause you will waste time in Amman looking for the bus services to go to Aqaba.
taxi fees is around 25jd.

there is bus transportation in the airport to Amman .. each hour a bus moves to amman for 3jd. when u get amman 7th circle, u can ask about the aqaba bus stop, the bus fees from amman to aqaba is around 8jd.

its better for you to bring dollars, u can change money in airport and i recommend in amman cause in the airport might give u low rates.

i have a good friend .. she is hungarian living in jordan for 12 years now, eva told me she can enter Jerusalem without visa .. from the border u pay entrance fees or something thats all ..
taxi from airport to aqaba is 150 euro , you can pay in any currency , its better to visit Jerusalem from dead sea borders not from aqaba , its shorter especially for one day tour . you can get visa from the border .

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