Fun things to do in Jamaica? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Jamaica which tourists rarely experience?


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There are many fun things to do in Jamaica: visiting a national park, going deep-sea fishing, relaxing on a beach, or listening to reggae at a Kingston nightclub. With so many Jamaica attractions, a vacation here is sure to be packed with excitement. Consider these recommendations for fun things to do in Jamaica.
Fun things to do while here in jamaica is vist the many beautiful scenery all over jamaica. tour the historical place, take in the sunshine at the beach, visit the amusement parks, clubbing and knowing some jamaicans who you can socialise with more and know the culture of jamaica. this way you will understand the social background and everything else this country has to offer as we are all loving people here
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Well it will depend on what is your idea of fun and I guess what age group you are. You may well enjoy spending some time in rural jamaica in the beautiful parish of Portland. You could come and stay with us and have a fun farming experience, working the land and using machettes like local farmers do;or helping to build bungalows made out of natural stones from the land working with locals and that's can be very funny! you could also pick acchees, mangoes, coconut jellies, roast breadfruit, even get some cooking lessons or go to the well to catch water, bathe in the river, or go to friday's soup night to enjoy a night out with the locals, playing dominoes and listening to cool reggea music, and much more. If all of this sounds like fun to you and enough of an authentic Jamaican experience, you might want to come and stay with us in Portland. Mango Joy is on the hills, in the midst of nature and overlooking the sea, the views are just amazing; we are very well located in beetwen Boston Bay and Long Bay, 20km from Port Antonio and close to beautiful beaches, Blue Lagoon, Reach Falls, rafting on the Rio Grande can be even more fun if the captain gives you a go at stiring the bamboo raft!
Have a fun and fabulous time, anyway you have the right idea, fun things will be where the locals are. Don't hesitate to call if you need anything or have any questions while you are visiting.
interacting with ordinary people getting to know the culture and the way of life,visiting some of kingston exciting night spots,hiking the blue mountains and capturing the beautifull jamaica our life is a open book no secret that's what makes us so unique.
i think tourist do not get the chance to experience the real Jamaican culture. So if ytou are an outgoing person I would suggest that you attend a street dance such a passa passa and visit village such a accompong, take a hike in blue mountain and attend one of our nineties sessions. You wil definately enjoy some great things if you get a local to tour ou around.
We do basically similar things to what the tourist do except at more reasonable price areas. For instance we go clubbing ,restaurant hopping, to the movies, museums, church activities, if you are christian, amusement parks, parks, hiking, biking etc.
Hey :-) can try to see some of our cultural festivals...there's not much secrets to what we do and where we hang out...but our Jerk Festival in Portland is probably one of the places that you'd see mostly locals...our Jerk Festival is a food festival at which you can try all sorts of dishes which has been jerked, like jerk chicken, Jerk pork or Jerk fish etc... :-)

Climbing the Blue Mountains is cool too literally and figuratively...there are cabins to stay in while visting there...they also have resturants and cafes up there that sell lovely pastries, and of course world famous Blue Mountain coffee...

And one other thing we love to do as locals is go to Port Royal (where the pirates of the caribbean use to frequent centuries ago)...:-)...we like going there especially for dinner to have seafood at the resturants by the beach and docks, we also like to go over to a spec of an island off the Port Royal coast called Lime Cay(key) to hang out, swim, have fun and of course eat fish and other seafoods.

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There are lots of thing you can do in Jamaica and get fun.It depends on your age group and background.For example if you are a christian you can enjoy going to church you can go to gospel contest, camp,sinperation service and a lot of good vibe in that part.Now if you are the party type you can go to night clubs, Passa Passa go look at a movie i really enjoy going to the beach and go have ice cream at Devon's house or my favorite Bashco robins you would not want to stop eating ice cream there trust me our people really enjoy the dancehall from sunday to sunday and there are alot more enjoyment like climbing the blue mountains,exploring the green grotto cave ,museum,and the 3 best town that never get boring or have all the vibes is MONTEGO BAY ,OCHIO RIOS AND NEW KINGSTON these place answer all your questions.
ther are many fun things to do in jamaica you can party all night on the hip strip in montego bay, enjoy the sunset on the beach in negril,climb the lovely blue mountains in the east, climb the lovely falls in ocho rios
Jamaica has no secret. We are a fun, loving nation who loves to have a good time. Most all-inclusive hotels, try to give you a true Jamaican experience and they are not too shabby about their job. What most tourist miss out on, is the people. When visiting Jamaica, walk the street and step into one of our street side cook shop, meet the people buy and have a drink with them, we are only too happy to share with you. Don't miss this experience, it is true Jamaica.
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I agree
Some fun things that tourists rarely experience: bathe in the hot springs in the river at Bath Foundation; jerk some chicken yourself on an outdoor barbecue; swim at Fort Clarence on a weekday; buy lunch at Ziggy's in Twin Gates Plaza.
plz see for all your rare jamaican experiences.
There are many fun things to do in Jamaica: visiting a national park, going deep-sea fishing, relaxing on a beach, or listening to reggae at a Kingston nightclub. With so many Jamaica attractions, a vacation here is sure to be packed with excitement. Consider these recommendations for fun things to do in Jamaica.

Visit the Bob Marley Museum

Memorials and exhibitions on Bob Marley are everywhere in Jamaica, but none is better than Kingston’s Bob Marley Museum, the most popular of all Jamaica tourist attractions. A trip to Marley’s birthplace in Nine Mile is also a must on any Jamaican reggae pilgramage.

Sample some Jamaican cooking

The true Jamaica tourist attractions are not the fancy resort hotels; they are the local shops and restaurants. For a real Jamaican dining experience head to one of the jerk huts scattered around the country and try some spiced chicken, pork, or seafood. If you are lucky, you may find a jerk roast pit, with a whole pig or other animal slow cooked on an open fire.

Visit Dunn’s River Falls

One of the most famous of all Jamaica tourist attractions, the Dunn’s River Falls near Ocho Rios is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Hike down the falls then relax on a beach where the freshwater meets the sea.

Swim with the dolphins

Dolphin Cove near Ocho Rios offers a once in a lifetime opportunity: the chance to get into the water and play with the ocean’s most intelligent creatures, dolphins. It is no wonder Dolphin Cove has become one of the most popular Jamaica attractions; of all the things to do in Jamaica, this is one not to be missed. Combine it with a trip to Dunn’s River Falls for the perfect day excursion.

Swim in the Blue Lagoon

You are unlikely to meet Brooke Shields, but the Blue Lagoon is one of the Jamaica tourist attractions not to miss. The incredible colors of the Blue Lagoon are a result of its depth: almost 200 feet.

Play a round of golf

Jamaica is home to some of the Caribbean’s finest golf courses. Try the Breezes course at Runaway Bay or the Sandals Golf and Country Club in Ocho Rios. Or head to Montego Bay, home to many of Jamaica’s finest courses.

Go scuba diving

The coral reefs around Jamaica are threatened by environmental pollution and global warming, but remain great Jamaica tourist attractions for snorkeling or scuba diving. There are some good dives near all the major resort towns: Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, and Negril. The Port Royal area near Kingston has many sunken ship dives and tropical fish.

Buy some Jamaican souvenirs

Shopping in Jamaica can be somewhat stressful, with hawkers aggressively pushing goods on the streets of all the major towns. It is worth the struggle. Jamaican crafts like hand-made fabrics, wood carvings, or paintings make great souvenirs. Jamaican coffee is some of the finest in the world. Tia Maria coffee liqueur and Jamaican rum make great gifts for people back home. the shopping malls in Kingston are a good place to find deals on European and American clothes and luxury items.

Relax on a beach

There are so many great Jamaica attractions, but sometimes what you need from a vacation is just the opportunity to unwind. Jamaican beaches are perfect for relaxing. Most Jamaican resorts have a private beach. Sitting on a beach with a drink in hand you may forget there are other things to do in Jamaica. This is not a bad thing.

There are alot of fun & secret things to do in Jamaica; such as chilling at an Old Hits Session (where you would never see a Tour Guide taking a Tourist), just chilling at the botanical gardens in Hope Garden or just hanging out at Look Out Point in Red Hills.
We basically do what the tourists do! We go to bars, nightclubs, movies, shopping, pocomania and dinkymini functions, funerals, weddings, visit museums and dances, dancehalls that's about it!
you should spend time with locals. many tourists never spend anytime with local families and have no idea what its like to be jamaican. if you want to fall in love with Jamaica then get to know the people

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Try a hike to the Blue Mountain Peak in Kingston Jamaica
Things to do which locals love but most travelers don't know about?
1 Go to the countryside cut cane, cook food, dig or harvest yam and farm produce,
2 Visit the fisherman’s Village and watch or fish with the fishermen and even have your own fresh fish prepared for you on the spot
3 Visit to a local community and meet the locals ,enjoy Jamaican Authentic natural fruit drink
4 Bird watching is also unique in this area
5 Drive through communities by the riverside with view of lovely vegetations.
6 A visit to the home town of the fastest man is not popular among tourist yet
7 Visit the Musical hall
8 Visit the real Market place to shop
9 The Cigarette and the WINE Factory (A brewery)
Eating a quarter pound of Jerk Chicken - with lots of pepper.
Attending "Watch Night Service" - New Years eve church service
Catching Crabs at night.

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