Fun things to do in Sri Lanka? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Sri Lanka which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is unique in that it is perfect for beach holidays (we have some of the most beautiful you will ever see) but also for cultural holidays with 2500 of history behind it. There is so much to see here and its so cheap too. If anyone is thinking of coming i have a holiday chalet apartment free from 17th July onwards (fully booked until then) $100 weekly sleeping 2/3 including lounge, bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette. Tel/Fax Free internet Free Satellite TV Free DVD + Films Free Maid and Free tea/coffee. The best value in Asia. I am Shamila Facebook with pics Shamila John E mail ukslbureau
Hot air Ballon Sailing, Dambulla - Sigeriya
Well, Sri Lanka is a country with lot of natural resources. Most of the tourists would like to go behind a particular product & see the origin of it. But I suppose most of them don't get that oppertunity due to timeliness, cost, getting cheated by uneducated/inexperienced guides & huge cost they quote.
There are some volunteers in Sri Lanka who love to assist this kind of tourists with out even charging a single cent, but need only to promote our country & its fun + secrets to the world...!
Ex. Fishing under "Ritipanna" method
Production procedure of Toddy [local liquor]
some religious activities [ie."Bali-thovil",walking
on fire,water-cutting ceremony]
Collecting & preparing of Jelly fish for export
Gem mining
The best way of getting info on these secrets is to getting close to a expert in particular subject area & get aware of it.Then have a visit along with him/her & fill your thirst.
This will benefited the traveler by saving time, less cost due to correct focus, improve knowledge both in theory & practical aspects...
So may things like playing cricket or rugby. Surfing, fishing, just walking along the acres of beach, sampling and eating fresh sea food prepared in the typical local way and much more.
There are a hundred and one things a local would do and it all depends on mood, interest, time, lifestyle and not to mention cost.

Yet, there are a number of things that don't cost a dime.

Get together a group of friends and explore what would improve your mind set from bone chilling adventure sports to somber moments, Sri Lanka is just that place to make it happen. She caters to every lifestyle, age group, budget, mood and fantasy. Imagination is the key word. Work on it and you won't regret it.
Go shopping in the Pettah Market. Its a real Asian Market experience.
Situated in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a tropical island with beautiful beaches, cascading waterfalls, endless mountain ranges, mighty rain forests, open grass lands and many other natural wonders compacted in to a 65,000 square kilometers space. Its unmatchable bio-diversity, rich cultural and historic heritage makes it a "hot spot" for nature photographers and eco-travelers.

I'm running the web site just to share this natural beauty with the rest of the world.

"Lakdasun" in Sinhalese means "Images of Sri Lanka".

If you are a nature lover who enjoy getting close to nature and wildlife you will find Sri Lanka a really interesting place.

is an attempt to let you take a glimpse of this magical island. Find out what Sri Lanka has to offer, get accurate travel information and contribute towards conservation of nature and wildlife.

Start with visiting
Fun things
- white water rafting
- rock climbing

Rare experiences
- there are cultural events like (Vesak: celebration of birth/enlightenment/passing away of Lord Buddha.) This is a festival of light. its really beautiful. this happens in May. The best thing is that all the food outlets are closed. But there are thousands of places offering everybody free food and drinks. You can eat with absolutely no limit. Sri Lankans really enjoy feeding others.

- If you can stay for about a month or two, then I would recommend living in the North Central province during March-April season. This is where most of our rice production comes in. the harvest season is Feb-March. And then comes the Sinhala New Year in mid April. Its one big celebration and lots of sweat-meats to go around!! you can watch the harvesting operation and then may be join in for the New Year celebrations with the locals as well. (Of course, you need to get to know them) :)

- I think Kandy Perahera is well known, so I will not talk about it

- If you like Ceylon Tea, there are many bungalows in the midst of tea estates (my favorite). This is in the Central province (Nuwara-Eliya area).
There are some awsome camping sites in hill country which most of the tourists who are comin here dont know. Coverin with lots of misty mountains and infinite jungles and beautiful animals.
Also in low country there are some nice remote islands which most local teams go and have booz and all the fun.
In negombo there are nice star class hotels in beach side wich provide you unforgetable experience.
Dear friend,
sri lanka is not a secret country. its open. so feel free to roam round and feel the freedom
local prefer Shopping ,outdoor trips and dancing shows.
Most fun is visiting isolated old monastery in the jungles.
Then there is beautiful bunglows with tea surrounding and beautiful surroundings..those are few thing i do prefer to do..
There are many things that Sri Lankans do which the Tourists dont.

Sri Lankans love to go for a river bath which the foriegners dont .
paintball,ATV riding
Locals can do lot of things here,i suggest to visit sinharaja rain can see 8 water falls, and beutiful creapers lot....
if you are interesting i can arrange this tour for you.
here are some of the fun things that mostly the locals get upto...
action/adventure - white water rafting down the Kithulgala or Seethawaka rivers, paintball shooting in Negombo and at Excel World Col-10, dirt biking in Madiwela.
Clubs/Parties - During the season, drive down to a weekend of partying @ Hikkaduwa. Fri night party is at Vibrations, Sat night party is at Mambo's. Then head off to the Rotti shops for some scrumpscious cheese rotti wt fillings of your choice. Chill out at the beach during the day.
Partying in CMB - Sugar and R&B are cool hangouts. Try the burgers at Sugar (Sugar Burgers) and stop by Pillawoos/Hijra(the open-all-night rotti shop on Galle Rd in Kollupitiya) on your way home. There's also Lava lounge at the Hilton or Sopranos at CH&FC club Col 7 for some Karaoke nights.
There's also some cool jazz at the CR&FC club every 1st sunday of the month. 2pm to 9pm. (many expats also frequest this)
Relaxing/Quiet evening - take a walk down Mt.Lavinia beach (suburb south of cmb) or down the Galle Face green or at Parliament grounds where families gather mostly on weekend evenings.
take and intercity bus or a Train journey up into hill country - fantastic views.
Another exotic item I missed.... Whale watching

this is off Mirissa. visit
for photos
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What u want from SL . We cannot give it in writing . Decide which day that u need come & call me . that will be the best solution :)

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regards , Zeffley
thats a random question.. but in answer to that, go partying is the best solution i could give you.. in hikkaduwa. nice place. crazy things to experience.
Open mind relax
The locals love to go on vesak and posom poe day to eat and trink at the so called "Tanselai" I do not know the exact spelling.
The locals love it to bath in the pools on the beach made by old coral reefs.
The Sri Lankan likes to mix any kind of alkoholic spirits with Cola, even Cognac!!!

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