Fun things to do in Peru? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Peru which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Peru


Go to a picantería and eat a good "pernil al horno", drink a good "caporal" glass of chicha or frutillada, and play "sapo" in Cusco.

Still in Cusco and instead to go to gringo discos go to El Muki to dance reaggeton and cumbia with the locals.

On sundays go to eat cuy al horno in Tipon and Chicharrón in Saylla, south of Cusco or to Quinta Zarate.

After a night partying go in the morning in the small restaurants near Coliseo Cerrado to eat a good Caldo de Gallina. It's good, cheap and it can cure your head.
of you want to do things that locals do you have to enjoy it with a local let me know bye.
of you want to do things that locals do you have to enjoy it with a local let me know bye.
It really bothers me that tourists eat lunch in Peru at McDonald's and have coffees at starbucks... You're in Peru!!!! lol... not much tourists know the european classical area of Lima, which is Centro Histórico... over there the beautiful architecture mixes with tradition and culture... Lima is not only huacos, ancient culture, pachacamac (the most popular museum in Lima for tourists, due to its ancient art), and pisco sour. Lima is also "spaniard-european-peruvian". For example, you can visit art galleries in Miraflores, and Museum is Centro Historico, for example, Museum of Italian Art, the only european arts museum in Peru, with a very complete collection of paintings, sculptures, ceramics. Also, tourists must go to Museo de Arte de Lima (is at the moment closed, but will open soon), which has ancient, colonial, "european" and modern peruvian art.
The things you have to do in Peru;
Expensive ones:
1) Bicycle to the Jungle. Manu by bicycle with Paititi Lodge. A 3 days 2 night tour starting from Cuzco going by Van to Tres Cruces ( the last mountains to the east of the Andes) downhill to the Lodge. Full day in the lodge near a nice River watching monkeys, Gallito de las Rocas (Peruvian national bird) and amazing wild animals Like frogs and butterfly’s. After the jungle returning to Cusco you have 2 more downhill’s lot of fun. The tour from Cuzco cost like $400 to $500 Dollars and all is included. If you compare with a Tour to Puerto Maldonado that cost $400 proximally but you need like $150 more for flies from Cuzco. The owner is a very friendly german.

2) Rafting in Apurimac River. 3 days 2 night tour all include, amazing food and the most interesting experience of my life. The guides are very helpful and very knowledge of their job.
All the day in the river, in the Canyon, you can see Condors flying the name of the company is River Explorers see the web side this tour is amazing.

3) Home stay in Luquina Chico. This is a 2 days one night tour starting in Puno, You stay with a local family , play soccer and have a real experience with the Locals , this community don’t have too much contact with tourism, the beds and toilets are good . The sunset and the sunrise from the top of the mountain is one of the nicest in Peru. The best company is Edgar Adventures and the tour includes a visit to the Taquile Island and the day before Uros Islands, Good Guides and good but slow boards. I am not sure about the cost but I send the web side.

Cheap ones
1 Sun Boarding in Huacachina Oasis in Ica South of Lima, $15 dollars.
2 Ballestas island s to see wild sea Life. Paracas Pisco south of Lima. $13 dollars.
3 One day rafting in Cusco $40
4 Paragliding in Lima $40 Half an Hour. Miraflores Lima
5 Visit the Farming laboratory of Maras Moray and also Chincheros town in Cuzco
6 Huaca de La Luna en Trujillo 10 soles.
7 Surfing lessons in Mancora Beach at the north Of Peru 30 to 50 soles per hour, deepens the season
So many things to do in this amazing country
If you want to have a local experience you need to have a Tour leader, really you need to have a cool tour leaders, travel by yourself the experience could be so different, If you want to have fun is cool to be with someone that know where is the party, the tours , the restaurants depending in what the group need or want.
Tourists have to play sports,go camping,go to the beach,eat delicious food at Restaurants,go to the Disco,take photos,film the places,go to the Karaokes,Pubs,Movies,etc.
There are no secrets at all.
In Peru just everythng is fun.

Cycle touring off the beaten track is one of those things tourists rarely experience. To do this you have to contact me
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Unique, once in a lifetime experiences guaranteed.
I think slide through a secret hill at the archeologycal site of Sacsaywaman in Cusco and get into one of its tunnels underground
A very very good place, best sight and better food with a good and interesting guide
to eat a very very good sandwich after the "juergas" early in the morning
Going to Cieneguilla. Is a Valley in Lima.Nice Camp Restaurants nice river the higher you go the best...Restaurants Mesa de Piedra, Palermo(there are 3)....Full day , you can go from Cieneguilla to Lurin and visit Pachacamac.
Well if you are a guy, you could go to a "nightclub" with dancers and extra cheap services (if u know what i mean).
we party until 6am anf then we go to these 24 hour restaurants to eat hen soup to handle the hangover, then in the afternoon we eat ceviche .
ON winter , we also go to cineguilla to eat on these country restaurants, where it is sun every day of the year.
go and explore China Town and its surrounding streets, eat lunch at one of the many excellent restaurants then walk 6 blocks and explore the beautiful buildings at the Plaza de Armas, the changing of the guard is at 12.15pm everyday and well worth watching.
here in PERU exits many things to do!! IN LIMA as a local every sunday you have to eat a good ceviche!!! it´s helps a lot if you went to a party the night before.
also you can go "parque de las aguas" water park to spend a funny afternoon.. you only have to pay 4 soles.... that place wone a record guines.... you haveto see it. if you go at night you can ensoy the lights.....
another thing to do as a local is parties ons saturday until 6 am !! jiji in many many disk and after "the bomba" pass out you have to go an eat a good and special chiken soup, named as a "levanta muerto" jijij.....
if you want to enjoy with a local.. let me know i have many plans to do as a local!!
em PERU aqui tem muitas coisas para fazer! Em Lima como um local todos os domingos você tem que comer um bom ceviche! é uma ajuda muito se você foi a uma festa na noite anterior.
Também você pode ir ao "Parque de las aguas" parque aquático para passar uma tarde engraçado .. você só tem de pagar 4 solas .... esse lugar ganho um recorde GUINES ... é preciso vê-lo. se você vai à noite , podde curtir as luzes .....
outra coisa a fazer é como um local partes ons sábado até 6! Jiji, em muitos e muitos discos depois de "a bomba" desmaiar de bebido, didao..você tem que ir comer uma boa e uma especial gallina soup, nomeado como um "levanta muerto" jijij .....
se você quiser desfrutar de um local .. deixe-me saber que tenho muitos planos para fazer como um local!
If you are looking for a new expierence that you only find in Peru, is make a short trip in "combi" specially if you are in Lima city, is a very peruvian experience, but i recommend you to travel in commpany of a peruvian friend, is really cheap and full of adrenaline.
Hello, he(she) visits and finds tourist information in Peru.
it depends what you are looking for, email me to , Jose Antonio
Use public transportation aka combi.
After a juerga (party) take a caldo de gallina.
In Holly Week is a classic camping on a beach on the South.
And well in general there are a lot of things to do in Peru like trekking, kayak, parachuting, nightlife, session with shamans, the common tours, visit the places that arent in the guidebook.
More questions, just ask.
Enjoy your trip here
nice question!!!, though unfortunately there is not much mystery to be revealed..... actually there are so much surprises that once here you will not need to look around for most fun or at least 'different' experiences

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