Hello,I am an Indian traveller going to Japan. Need a good 4-5 star range hotel with an Indian restaurant.Pls help me.


Country: Japan


There are many Indian restaurants in Tokyo
If you stay in Ginza at the Tobu hotel you can
dine at Old Delhi nearby at the Melsa building.
I can also recommend Garonda in Daimon/Shiba Koen
near Tokyo Tower.
for hotels you should check for
Tokyo hotels, it's usually cheaper to book on-line
thru them.
For the best hotels, I'd recommend:
Four Seasons Maruonuchi (Chinzanso is too far)
Park Hyatt
Grand Hyatt
Hotel Century Southern Tower - Has Ajanti on 2F
Hotel Nikko Tokyo Odaiba
Mandarin Oriental
Marunouchi Hotel, Tokyo Station
The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo
The Strings by InterContinental Tokyo
The Westin Tokyo
Hotels in Japan tend to have Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French and steak restaurants on the premises.

Here is a list of some Indian restaurants in Tokyo, which are usually near stations or a short taxi ride from a central place:

My favourite is Mandala in Jimbocho, which is on this great list of all Indian restaurants in Tokyo:

For hotel bargains, have a look at - I use this one the most.

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Here's one of the good hotels that has an Indian restaurant. Hotel century southern tower.
But there are many many Indian restaurants in Tokyo.

I personally like an Indian restaurant called Spicia.
Sorry, there is no English website of Spicia.

I hope you will enjoy your trip to Japan.
You prefer to have an Indian restaurant within a hotel, and the hotel need to be 4-5 star one, right?

Then Century Southern Tower is probably the one you are looking for as someone else recommended already.

A restaurant called Maharaja is located in the same building of this hotel, though it is not managed by the hotel.

Following hotels are connected to shopping malls which has Indian restaurants. They both are very stylish malls. (mid town is newer)

>>Grand Hyatt Tokyo

connected to a mall called Roppongi Hills, and there is an Indian restaurant called DIYA.

>>Ritz Carlton Hotel Tokyo
connected to a mall called Tokyo Midtown and has an Indian Restaurant called NIRVANA New York.

Hope above helps.
Grand Hyatt is your best bet, there are 4 or 5 Indian restaurants in the area, and its a very stylish hotel
There iare many 4/5 star hotels in AKASAKA, with good Indian Restaurant at walkin distance, but not at the hotel. Sorry!!
sorry. I couldn't find any hotel with indian restaurant.
but, there are many indian restaurants in kyoto, osaka.
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My friend what part of Japan you visiting? About Indian restaurant dont worry theres plenty
Indian restaurant suggestion in Matsumoto: "Royal Hind".
Review at

Fanciest hotel in Matsumoto: Hotel Buena Vista.

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