What do I should avoid in Singapore City?


Country: Singapore


Avoid consuming drugs totally!
haha! avoid littering, getting naked in public, vandalizing and chewing bubble gums. =p
Nothing in particularly to avoid, just remember it is a law and order country and follow the rules. Avoidance? Probably be appropriately attired in our really hot and humid weather, avoid your winter/autumn wear. The heat can be very unbearable....
Avoid to do anything illegal, spiting on the ground....and...and...and
First thing that comes to mind: treat Singapore like how you would treat your home country (unless you're from Holland, then no marijuana please!). And make sure you're dressed for summer, and preferably bring a paper fan too. Battery-operated fans are for wusses!
Eating & drinking in public transport. & the hawker centers if you have a sensitive stomach.
Everything illegal,internationally , MUST be avoided in Singapore.

Drugs,vandalism,littering,spitting & anti-religious nor anti-racial are all met with capital punishment,summons & cash fines.

Drugs trafficking carries the death penalty.

Otherwise,Singapore is a great city state/country where many 1st world metropolitans have in common, i.e. a good live 8-) .

Cheers ;=}

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