There is an old sinhalese proverb Vada Bari Unath Gama Galle. How did it started and what was the reason


Country: Sri Lanka


The people in Galle are the most boasting ones, i think they wanted to uplift the name making this proverb. We use a same one in Kandy, Sanga Raja Unath Gama Thumpane the same.
Thanks for your answer. This proverb started like this. At the British period they first started some factories in the south and many from Galle were recruited and trained. When they started business in Colombo they took people Who says from Galle without trying their ability thinking that they are trained and experienced. Later on many from other parts of the island knew the trick and used to lie saying that they are from Galle but they didnt know the job. British came to know this and since that time this proverb started.
Thank you very much. Clever idea!!!
Interesting thought. Wonder what these factories were?
Don't ask this kind of question go on the net and find out by your self
If you dont know to answer please keep quiet. There are many others who likes to answer and share the knowledge.Last time also i said not to give stupid answers. Dont think everybody is ignorant like you.

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