Spending 1 week on the amalfi coast in one accomodation


Country: Italy


If i understand well you would spend a week on the coast of amalfi and moving looking it daily?
Coast of Amalfi is really not cheap, but you could get a B&B in some place and then moove by pubblic bus or private taxi.
Probably B&B will cost about 45 a person for day.
Or are you coming with your car?
I live in the National Park of Cilento and generally foreigner, my guests go early in the mooning to visit Amalfi and Ravello and then come back in the evening and generally they say to me about traffic on the coast and how expensive it is for every things.
My place is 50 km from Saslerno, about 70 from Amalfi and is located in avery peaceful and sunny positio.
You could give a look on .com
Let me know if you need more information.Best greetings,
Roberto Pisani

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