I am interested in camping in meru national park,let me know the best campsite i can use and what is availble there,


Country: Kenya


Thanks for the question, can we blend it with your safari Meru?

There are numerous campsites through out the park. Special Campsites include Kampi Baridi; Kitanga; Makutano; Rojoweru; Mugunga; Ken Mare and Kanjoo. These ones have no facilities and prior booking is required. Public campsites with showers are available at Bwatherongi Bandas.

Meru Hotels /Accommodation Meru Kenya

Meru is a small agricultural town on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. Budget hotels exist in Meru town. The hotels in Meru town include the following:-


Blue Towers Hotel Min Rate (USD 35.00) BB- located at Makutano, Meru town on the junction of Meru Maua Road.

White Star Hotel (Min Rate USD 35.00 BB)along Mau road before you reach Mafuko Industries. No Alcohol.

Meru County Hotel- This is the biggest property in town.

Silent Lodge.

Meru Safari Hotel

Hotel Royal Prince.

Meru Incredible Hotel (Min Rate USD 35.00 BB)

Three Steers- Meru Pacific Hotel.

Milimani Hotel

Pig & Whistle: The Pig & Whistle Hotel was built in 1930s. It is in this hotels that Joy and George Adamson stayed resulting in Joys divorce from her second husband Peter Bally.

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Attractions within Meru Town

The town is an agricultural centre. Tourism is not prevalent thus if you desire a hassle free cool place, you can use it as a base to explore the slopes of Mt. Kenya and Laikipia. The town is surrounded by agricultural farmlands. Wheat and horticulture plantations occupy the Timau region adjacent to Lewa Conservancy. An interested visitor with intentions to mingle with the locals can sample the following.


Meru Museum: Formerly a District Commissioner's Office was built in 1916. The Museum is ethnographic exhibiting the Culture of the local people. On display are various tools, artefacts, local geology, stuffed mammals and birds. Besides the museum has a traditional homestead, a crocodile and snake pit and various herbs.

The Njuri Ncheke (Council of elders) headquarters to learn how justice was dispensed in the old days among the locals.

The Gakoromone open air market for stocking up and chatting with the locals. Just carry loose change to use in the market and be careful of pick pockets.

Swimming is available at the Golf Club and Fred's Academy. The pool at the Golf Club is good and its rarely used.

Lake Nkunga picnic site can be visited with arrangement.

Rukunga's private museum

Visit the King Muhuru.

Meru Tour operator/ Travel Agent Car Hire/Rental

R&N Xplorer Africa Safaris-Located at Doris House, Tom Mboya Street Tel:+254 723 684 974, car hire/rental and safaris to the Park and the surrounding conservation blocks of parks of Mt.Kenya National Park, Samburu, Buffalo springs, Kora and private game ranches of Ol Pejeta conservancy and Lewa Down.

To the East park lies Bisanadi National Reserve. It is located at the border of Meru and the Borana people. Opened in 1979 it occupies an area of 606 Km². It accessible by 4WD vehicles is ideal for camping. There is an airstrip at Korbessa.

Kora National Park : Across Tana River from Meru Park. Covering an area of 1,787 square kilometers. It is in Kora National park that George Adamson was murdered in his camp. Kora is full of Inselbergs, rocky outcrops covered with vegetation that seem to appear randomly above the plains. Mammal life include elephant, Lesser Kudu, wild dog, striped and spotted hyenas, leopard and cheetah. 21 species of fish have been recorded, with 500 species of insect, 33 molluscs and 40 reptiles.

Other parks in this block include Rahole National Reserve, offering a wide variety of plains game, hippo, crocodile and excellent bird viewing; also Mwingi National Reserve, formerly North Kitui. Game to view includes hippo, crocodile, buffalo and warthog.

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Hi Jonathan kirui,
Nice question,Complete wilderness
Few places offer a more genuine wilderness ambiance than the remote and rugged Meru and Kora National Parks. Littl-visted, utterly unspoilt and the most geographically diverse parks in Kenya, they are the favorites of safari professionals and wildlife experts alike. Brilliantly painted on a magnificent scale, these sister parks feature luxuriant jungle, coursing rivers, verdant swamp, khaki grasslands, gaunt termite cathedrals and an ever-evolving dance between clouds and sky.
Where to stay
Lodges and tented camps
• Elsa’s Kopje Tented Camp: This exclusive lodge offers 9 stone and thatch cottages, international cuisine, swimming pool and game viewing.
• Leopard Rock Lodges: Overlooking the Murera river, this authentic lodge offers African and international cuisine, swimming pool and game viewing.
Self-catering accommodation
• Murera Bandas: Four simple two bedroom stone chalets located by Murera gate
• Murera Guest House: A three bed roomed family house equipped with kitchen and entertainment facilities.
• Students Hostels: Murera hostels can accommodate 30 students.
Public campsite: 22km from Murera Gate, this site lies in a stretch in a stretch of open ground beside a wooded stream. Lavatories and showers are provided
‘Special’ Campsites: A number of ‘special’ Campsites are seasonally located along the rivers. Special campsites have no acuities and must be booked in advance on an exclusive use.
Kora National Parks
Meru’s sister park, the adjoining Kora National Park is famous as the former home of naturalist George Adamson. A vast area of acacia bush land from whose alluvial plains rise stark granite kopjes and low hills, it is bordered to the south-east by the Mwitamisyi rive, which supports an abundance of lizards, snakes, tortoises and crocodiles.
Where to stay
There are no lodges, tented camps or self-catering accommodation options in Kora National Park.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information or assistance that you may require. Individual and discounted group rates also available on request
We aim to create that special relationship which converts our business partners and visitors into life longtime friends.

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* In - Park Accommodation
o Elsa’s Kopje - contact me for rates that are discounted
o Leopard Rock Lodge
* KWS Self – Catering Accommodation:
o Murera Bandas -Ksh 2000 per night
o Kina Bandas- Ksh 2500-3500 per night
o Meru Luxury House - Ksh 6000-8000 per night

* Camping Facilities
o Kampi Baridi; Kitanga; Makutano; Rojoweru; Mugunga; Ken Mare and Kanjoo which are special campsites. Bwatherongi is a public campsite

Public campsite are charged Ksh 150 per night for adults and Ksh 100 for children.

Special camp sites charges Ksh 300 per night for adults and Ksh 100 for children.

NB:All public camping sites have access to water and latrines, while the special campsites consist of the grounds only.

On this website, you will find what you need to know about the Park, camping there and so much more. Hope you have a good time.
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Checki hapa,
Ikweta Safari Camp is the only mid range facility providing full board services. Ikweta Safari Camp is located just two kilometres outside of Murera Gate. Ikweta Safari Camp features Ten (10) spacious tents thatched in makuti and tastefully decorated in Safari-style and with high quality furniture including either twin or double beds. Excellent meals prepared from the freshest local produce. Large swimming pool and other amenities.

The Rhino River Camp comprise of eight luxury cottages built out of caramel canvas, sustainable hardwood, on platforms above the gently flowing Kindani River. It is located in 80 acres of privately owned wilderness, offers a hance to connect with nature and to delight the senses in un spoilt bush and forest. Each room has its own private ‘zen’ area where you can meditate, re-read your favourite novel, or simply unwind. Read More on Rhino River Camp Meru National Park.


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