Football in Sri Lanka?

Is there a football team (Soccer) playing in the Galle area? Maybe National Championships?Where is the stadium and when they play?


Country: Sri Lanka


Football is a very recognized sport in Sri Lanka and played in every area of the country. There are many stadiums and they do play during the football season.
Football or soccer was very popular game among the srilankans sometime ago. Once cricket was promoted in the recent past time evrybody started looking at football as a second hand thing which is not true. The most popular sport in the world is football. It doesnt waste hours for watching and gets more for both players and spectaters.

Your question about down south foot ball, of course there are many soccer clubs. Once i was a schhol boy in 1970s i captained college soccer team in 1970s and we used to play with galle Mahinda at the Galle esplanade, present galle cricket stadium. There were many good soccer players who came from galle. I wish that that government should give more help for soccer players.

The present president of srilanka football Hon. Sarath Weerasekara, MP played football with me in 1970s. The present minister Tissa Karaliyedda was our goal keeper when i captained Nalanda vidyalaya in 1970s. May be most of you were not born either when we played foot ball.

Try to promote football and help whatever way you can please for footballers in Srilanka.
Football or soccer, basketball, rugby and many other games are very popular in Sri Lanka. I believe there is a season for these ball games and yes of course there are national and international championships. What is it that you are really wanting to know about?
Football is a popular sport in Sri Lanka but not famous like cricket here.
I believe there is a galle Sports club.

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