Tree houses?

I am looking out for houses high up in the tree for rent. Do somebody know places were you can stay in an accommodation like that? National PARC? Jungle area?


Country: Sri Lanka


Tree houses is not a common practice in Sri Lanka, however there are game parks which do have some. You could get the information on the web, however these are for tours and not long stay, one could buy land with a huge tree and build a tree house if it is a desire.
I have never came across a tree house where you can get on rent. Most of the national parks night out camping are available and they can provide you more information. try this web
Hi, I do know of a person who developed a property that was formerly occupied by me. The plans for the development included tree houses as there is a fantastic view. The house was renovated and is being rented by the day for tourists and local holiday makers. There is a resident cook and houseboy and will make all your meals according to how you want it, provided the provisions are supplied. I am not sure if the tree houses are ready yet as that was the final part of the project. There was also an abundance of fruit trees and fresh vegetables when I occupied the property as I grew them organically for the export market. Give me more details about your requirement and I will get back to you with the information you seek.
Tree houses are not common in Sri Lanka. But you can find them in eco tourism sector. If you need to stay can be help!
there are few places as far as i know... But mostly linked to eco tourism.

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