Hi All Once again i ll repeat my question request in other form because i feel that lots of answers are not for my question. I...

...need a Bus for disable people (special people) people with wheel Chair , and the bus i need is a special kind of bus where the clients can go inside with there wheel chair , i am talking a bout a group of 20 to 26 adults. So if any one knows if we have such service in Egypt and what is the price or the contact or what ever. Once again thank you and i am not asking for a normal bus. Thanks a lot Jack


Country: Egypt


dear jack how you doing ?
i did some resarches online and i found some companies i think they could help you in your service ,

here you are the linkes :

i wish that this links could help you

Dear Ayman

Thanks a lot for your help , it was really very helpfully for me

Thanks again

memphis will b good choose for u
but i think that they have bus can only have 4 people with their chair not more than that.
cuz i had to use this service from them for my own business
very good.
hi Jack,

here his the perfect link that may be useful for you

Dear Mahmoud

Thank you for your answer , it is really of the maximum help to me

Thanks again

i do not know about this service in egypt
but i see that ayman send u some
so i would like you if u r here in egypt
u can go on and contact the company
and see it by your self 1rst
i know they are big companies
but as long as i saw them in toronto
and it is accessable at any time u just call them , the bus comes to u
but in egypt we do not have these buses
so contact the companies and see a good deal
as i think they are not going to enter the bus with teh chair
they will be seated on the bus chairs
and their chair will be put in the bus luggage places

with my best regards
Thank you Ahmed for your answer , i ll take what you said in consideration
Special tour for wheelchair travelers satisfying all their neeeds during the tour.
Have a look at :

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