Hello, I just wanted to know if you could offer any information on the village of Aramo. I know it is a little over an hour from Florence.

I am an American looking to relocate to Italy. If you could offer any info for this as well, I would greatly appreciate it! Could you recommend somewhere affordable yet close to Firenze. I would be thankful for any other information as well. Thank you! Zac


City: Florence

Region: Tuscany

Country: Italy


Relocating is quite general
we do not have many Open jobs in Italy you should be' more specific
about sleeping close to Florence my suggestion is to look for a small village on the train line to Florence such as san miniato, Empoli etc
Could you explain what you mean "relocating is quite general"
I was meaning to say I am an American citizen. I would like to move to live in Italy. Preferably as close to Firneze as possible. I know it can be quite expensive so I am asking for advice for affordable areas. Thank you for the information on the train lines.
As for work, I believe the economy to be quite difficult in most of the world right now. I am not an executive so I am hoping to obtain a working visa possibly through language school or something. This is a decision I made so I will do this, I just want help in doing it the easiest and cheapest way.
Thank you!!!
Really I didn't hear this name as village's name but...I've typed this "Aramo" on google maps, and the result is this:

Is this one what you're looking for?
Let me know! : )
Hello Michela,
The link didn't work. Unfortunately I have tried to the same thing with google maps and had the same problem. I am sure that was the correct area, between Lucca and Firenze? about 70 km from Firenze. my situation is as I have explained above. I was recommended a place in that village, but it seems travel to the city may be a bit difficult. I am not even sure of the weather there.
As I said, I have decided to make a move to the Florence area. It is my passion and I am determined. Any advice regarding an area that is affordable would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
Aramo is a pictoresque medioeval little village on top of a hill, near to the mountains. Cold in winter. The food is gorgeous and you can have nice walking in the surroundings. It is not so close to Florence, that's why is affordable.

If you are ready to travel back and forth, maybe you could check also the villages in the Mugello area or on the hills of Pisa.

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