Hi everybody, I will be traveling to japan on mid of July for 10 days. I plan to visit several places such as Hiroshima, Hokkaido,...

...Kyoto and Tokyo. What would you recommend about my itinerary and places I should not miss in those places..I am a backpacker so I only afford for budget trip. Thank you very much!


Country: Japan


Places you should not miss in Tokyo: 1. Asakusa Temple 2. Harajuku ( young fashioned, some futuristic ) 3. Akihabara ( electronic market ) 4. Roppongi ( western bar, a very good bar here ) 5. Shinjuku ( red district area ) 6. Omotesando street ( cozy fashionable area ) 7. Odaiba ( there is big onsen there. Some futuristic bulding here ) 8. Tokyo Disneyland 9. Disney Sea 10 Tokyo Tower 11.. Go to Yokohama, and visit China Town, 21 Mirai Harbour,etc

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