hello egypt localytes , how you doing all , as you seen in my profile that i am not a Professional tour guide i just like to go out...

...and travel all over egypt any out side egypt Of course, and i relay want to help tourist , i wonder if any one could answer my question that if i need to put a cost for my service how i can count the cost and the profit margin on this service , because i relay never did that before , in the same time i don't want to look stupid if any one ask me to give him/her a service ? thanks Ayman


Country: Egypt


hi Ayman,
i think you have to calculate the total service without profit first, then, you may put profit from 15-20% per person
BUT, if that person is alone you may raise it a little more
this is how we calculate profits in general
thank u for your wondrful answer
Hi Ayman

Concerning your question:

It depends a lot of what you want to do and offer , if you want to gain money from this or you just want to give a free service.

In case of free service: it is easy just provide with the service and obtain a good price for your client or visitor and he can pay it on spot.

In case of gaining: this is a long story , it depends a lot on many things , how originally and at what rate you will gate the service than as my colleagues said you may add 15 to 20 % , please take in consideration many things , it is not the same a group like individuals and so on

The third and easiest way , is you tell us we give you the price and the service and you add 10 % or 5 %

Enjoy your time

jack ,
thanks man for your great answer ,

i wish you all the best ,


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