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I am not very clear with your question. If it is just Kalugalle means in sinhalese we can say black rock. Are you referring to Kalugal where you find in Avissawella area or Kalugalle in down south. Then thare is Kegalle which derives from 2 words Ke and Gala. In kandy period one sinhalese king went on hunting and they sat on a rock for some time to rest and have lunch.. When they were leaving king forgot his beetle container on that rock. Later when the the king remembered he said to one of his soldiers that he forgot this on the Ke gale means where they stopped for lunch. So later on Ke Gale became Kegalle.
Thanks, I am meaning the temple area on a mountain. Monks and pilgrims are using this place for meditation.
P. B. G. Kalugalle - founder of Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage and minister of tourism in 1970 - 1977 government.

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