Fun things to do in Costa Rica? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Costa Rica which tourists rarely experience?


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It will depend on the area you visit, their some hidden beaches only locals know and also regarding night life their is certain clubs locals visit the most, but if you mean by fun; exiting, adventurouse and wild, well their is a lot to do!! Bungge Jumping, Canopy, Casinos, Volcanos, White Water rafting, Cruise to island, Rain Cloud Forest,camping, paitball, horse backriding, and many more
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most tourist never get to meet costaricans... they go from their hotel to the tour bus without ever meeting a single local... so I would say you can have the most fun by socializing... that would be something tourist rarely experience...
Hi, here is a link to explain you an ATV tours guided, really funny. It's the real way to see Costa Rica 2 hours from the airport and only 10 minutes from Jaco a nice city with good restaurants and night club.
Hi, here is a link to explain you an ATV tours guided, really funny. It's the real way to see Costa Rica 2 hours from the airport and only 10 minutes from Jaco a nice city with good restaurants and night club.
go to a local fiesta with bull riding and horse shows (tope)
There is many fun things to do in Costa Rica, it depends on the area, because we are a very small countru but very diverse.

In the Osa, we have trails that only locals know, is 100 times better to go to antique trails and let a local guide take you throug the mountain and the beatoful beaches than going to the tourity areas ;)

Hike, kayak or bike are good ways to explore pristine places of the Osa Peninsula, take food with you ans have a pic-nic somewhere far from every thing is very unique.
Hi! That is exactly my favorite area and I agree with Laura that it is better no to go to the touristy areas (they are not the real Costa Rica). I can recommend you to stay in an indigenous reserve where you can take amazing tours in the real rainforest and stay in a unique indigenous lodge or you can go to the cloud forest and stay either in a lodge or in a small farmers town. I recommend you to check this out:

If you have any questions just let me know.


just dont go to the big hotles, stay in the town hotels at the beaches, the best place to go is malpais or santa teresa, people from every wher it's like a UN meeting
have u hurd this quote. in rome, do as the romans do? well i recomend the same in this country, try to socialize with costa ricans and u will see what they can show you, places u wouldnt imaging that could exist, what would u think there is a place that you could see the sunsent under a mountain, or walk over the ocean through a whale tale made of sand, you just have to ask... just dare!!!
Llanos del Cortes Waterfall in Bagaces Guanacaste. Nice walk and a good place t relax.
Rio Celeste Waterfall in Bijagua, Upala. Heavy walk but worth it.
Santa Maria de Dota in Cerro de La Muerte. Good for birdwatching. The Quetzal is there.
Cuajuniquil Beach close to Nicaragua. Nice fisherman village you can do Kayaking, fishing, horses, bike rental etc.
Some of the secret things that only locals do:
-Visit the Costa Rican Coffee Tennis Cup (Copa del café) at the CR Country Club between the 1st and 2nd week of January. Great place to see the future pro tennis seeds of the world (15=17 yr old.)
-Get pissed and score at the Palmares Fiestas between the 2nd and 3rd weeks of january of each year. That also includes riding horses through the middle of town on the 'Tope' day. Most riders get free alcoholic beverages along the way (hicup :-).
-During Easter week most Ticos go to the beaches either on the Pacific or the Caribbean coast. Big parties always available at Tamarindo Beach, Coco Beach, Ocotal beach and at Flamingo Beach (Amberes bar).
-If you are culturally or religiously bent you can always view the 'live' reenactments of the passion of Christ in most cities and towns throughout. San José, Heredia, Barva and cartago all have very good 'actors' that portray Jesus holding the cross, the Apostles, Mary Magdelene, Roman soldiers, Simon, ,etc. Some very good and realistic processions. Especially on Holy Thursday and Holy Friday. The towns, procession times and dates are usually listed on our local paper:
Secret things? Hmmm, go make a BBQ on the beach with a cooler of cold beers... or go to a deserted beach and surf uncrowded waves, or go to the local fiesta with bullriding and lots of action (not a secret anymore), there are many things tourists rarely experience.
It can help you for some ideas!
I always make available to guests of Hotel Villa Casa Blanca, information on what I call eco-tours-places to go that don't cost much and give you a picture of life in Costa Rica. One of my favorites is the "Rock" beach close to the Nicaraguan border. You have to go through the fishing village to get to it, so you get to experience life in Costa Rica. There are 5 beaches in this group and each is unique. Then of course, if you want beautiful, unspoiled white sand beach, there is a beach very close by that I include in the directions.
There are many things available to do, sailing, snorkeling, fishing, diving, zip lines, jet skis, quads, hiking, nature tours. But we try to add things not on the usual list.
The local markets are a beutiful adventure, colors, smells and tastes in every corner... also don't buy food in fine restaurants... try local "sodas" or "soditas" is costa rican food :D taste like home made.
go to the farmers market on sundays: if you love fruit, its the best and cheapest place to get them as well as vegetable, some typical food and beverages. stay at cheapish hotels near hidden beaches, they are the most beautiful, clean and private ones.
There is a lot to do in Costa rica, too much to0 list here but for starters you can go to the beaches, the volcanoes, the mountains, canopy tours, Tortuga island tours, The tortuguero canals, fishing, city tours, small town tours,bird watching, white water rafting, surfing, bungee, snorkling, or stay at one of the cool all inclusive hotels.
Well actually there`s a lot of things that locals do and tourist don`t. For example locals know which are the best clubs, the best beaches and they know the diference if there is a beach just for surf, or if there is a beach for hang out. If you want to come to Costa Rica and do what locals do, you better have some friends here that can show you around.
In the San Carlos [Alajuela] area:

- Exploring Cavernas El Venado
- Swiming trip to Cataratas Río Celeste
- Tilapia Fishing in Muelle
- Bar hoping in the Ciudad Quesada area
- Getting to watch Sunday soccer minor leagues matches in the plains
zip line for sure
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