Fun things to do in Morocco? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Morocco which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Morocco


• Bargain your best for handicrafts at the souk (market) in historic Fes, a UNESCO World Heritage landmark. But don't expect a brisk business transaction: in Morocco, successful negotiations unfold in a leisurely, sociable way, accompanied by bottomless glasses of mint tea.

• Experience a climatic moment atop Morocco's picturesque High Atlas Mountains. One of the most popular treks is the ascent of Jebel Toubkal (4,167m/13,671ft), North Africa's highest peak, starting from the idyllic Berber village of Imlil, built right into the base of the mountain.

• Let off some steam in a traditional hammam (steam bath), where the tabaya (assistant) will slough away your cares and a layer of skin using traditional savon noir (black soap) and a rough glove, followed by a massage with rejuvenating essential oils.

• Head boldly into the Sahara on your trusty steed. Camel treks (méharrées) can be arranged throughout the Sahara Desert region in southwestern Morocco, where you can camp under the stars on a camel caravan.

• Get into the summer groove at May's TANJazz in Tangiers, June's Gnaoua and World Music Festival in Essaouira, July's Marrakech Festival of Popular Arts and the Festival of World Sacred Music in Fes, also in July.

• Storm the battlements of the spectacular desert kasbahs built right into cliff walls lining the Drâa Valley. You won't get much resistance these days. Some fortifications like Aït Benhaddou have been used as Hollywood film sets.

• Swim, surf, windsurf and splash around in the Atlantic in the sheltered, sandy coves of Agadir and Oualidia and the one-time Portuguese pirate ports of El Jadida and Essaouira.

• Spot millennia-old Berber petroglyphs as you rock-climb and spelunk your way across the Middle and High Atlas Mountains and get a foothold on the rock faces of the Dades and Todra Gorges.

• Hit the rapids white-water rafting as you pass through spectacular gorges on the rivers of the High and Middle Atlas ranges.

• Mountain-bike through desert oases and rugged terrain trails in the Anti-Atlas and Drâa Valley, and enjoy nature without the environmental damage to the fragile local ecosystem caused by dune buggies and 4-wheel drives.
if you want to live unique & amazing experience
live with family in nomadic Morocco specialy in the mountains & you will find the real meaning of life, emotion
i think you will never forget it & you'll learn many things if you did it
Bring your young kids to the local Hamam with you. They will have fun with the water and they will refresh during the holiday and you are going to enter in this fanstastic private "feminist" moroccon world. Bring a big recipient to put your baby on the hot water meanwhile the lady keeps away your dirty skin.
Hello ,
The best thing , you can do , is to spend à week in tipical berber village in atlas montain , you can ski , walk , swim ,ride the horse and it s great experience to live with that peaple some days .
Another best thing , you can do , is to spend à week in typical Berber village in atlas mountain ,and try Kite surfing or Kite snow in morocco take look
May bee just rent vtt (mountain bike) to visit the place
You can have fun with lots of things in Morocco...(just by dryving in the roads!!:-))
To know the secret things in morocco you realy have to live within marocain. Spending time with a berber familly in the desert gives you a very big amount of new, fun and enriching experiences, like, make tea, milking goats, and live a time without time walking through the sahara dunes.
The most funny and big cultural contact is to participate in a berber wedding.
hmmm.. hunger, ignorance,kicked and more of this style
Not sure about Nabhan comment meaning but...

According to me, one of the best thing to do and tourists rarely have the chance to do it is to attend a tradional wedding in a berber village.
Easy to organize however :
Just rent a house in a traditional village in summer (mid July to mid-August)
Plenty of weddings are organized outside
No need to be invited (all village is by default invited), just follow people and you will enjoy one of best time in Morocco.
Heya :D ..
Is this site any good or fun :D ?? ! U ever kited in Dakhla ?:D Hmmm ..just come down with the wind if u want to & u'll find out u been missing something big while staying in morocco especially for a kiteboarder lol xD !! I know rabat & it hasn't got that much wind tho..unless u having some 25m² kite xD! The spots r pretty kiteable here like 5 windy days a week and offshore most of times! It's still wild! & u got flat spots on the lagune side or u can waveride on the ocean side! cYa sometime & don't hesitate's worth trying xD .
P.S: u can always check windguru to look up the wind! (:
A-The Hammam is definitely a unique experience! But the authentic ones are not in hotels, guest-houses(riads),or on the internet: go to those located in neighborhoods-not publicised for international tourists. To fully live the experience u need to leave your western notions of 'own space''body language''eye or flesh contact'. U also want to get rid of the 'spectator approach'. U'll love it.
B-Check out the "moussem" calendar. The summer is when the largest number takes place. Those are festive traditional community gatherings that have social,economic,a mix of religious&pagan features.
C- Attend a wedding ceremony either urban or rural. U can spontaneously be invited.
Is to meet local people and talk to them all Moroccan are a funny people , and travel to some special places ....
Go to a berber marriage, visit remote villages and talk with people,sleep in the caves with nomads on atlas near Dades try to find non turistic places in the mountains and desert, do Hamman in a typical place not in a hotel...
Goin to Agadir beach , Shoping in Jamaa Lafna in Marrakech , Desert trip , climbing mountains
Goin to Agadir beach , Shoping in Jamaa Lafna in Marrakech , Desert trip , climbing mountains
To spent a night deep in the desert (1 km from algerian border) in a tent with berber family
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