Fun things to do in Mexico? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Mexico which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Mexico


I would have to say the food. Eating from a street vendor is pretty fun. Tourists are always looking for something to eat that they would eat at home. Just make sure you ask several locals, and go with the most recommended choice. If you start looking for yourself, you will eat at several nasty places before you find some gastronomic treasure. Hope this helps.
-Visit an unknown archeological site to wander between ruins with a bunch of mexicans, e.g. in Chalcatzingo, Morelos
-Enjoy rural life in a "pueblo magico", like horseriding, exploring ruins, and hiking in the village of Malinalco, Mexico State
-Climb a volcano, like la Malinche
-Visit the horror Doll island, Isla de las Muñecas, Xochimilco
-Go soak in some local hotsprings, like Tzindejeh, Hidalgo
-Go watch the lucha libre wrestling games in Mexico City arena
-Join Carnaval or Dia de Muertos celebrations in a rural village
-Go to a pulqueria to try some fruited fermented agave juice drink, and get drunk with the locals
Going on Sunday to -la lagunilla- it is a sort of flea market, tianguis(only it is placed on SUNDAYS)which is located at side of Reforma avenue towards Basilica de Guadalupe. there you can find bargains of rare things, antiques or even some collectibles from the Beatles or vintage fashion clothes or accesories, you will see also art collectors (mainly from Europe)searching for bargains, if you are more adventurer, you can go to Tepito Neighborhood, next to Lagunilla. It IS NOT recommended to go by your own means,you must go there accompanied by a local of the area.
this experience is wonderful, amazing, ashtonishing, the real Mexico. definitely, Mexico City is unique, full of contradictions, full of
Getting to know local people. Brush up on your language skills and bring a translation book and you might be surprised who you get to meet. Spend a day with some local families and learn something from another cultures point of view.
1.- Teotihuacán pyramid
2.- Any colonial city (Querétaro could be awesome)
3.- Visit a beach (Los Cabos or Cancún)
4.- Visit the mariachi area of México City (Garibaldi)
5.- Take the train trip through the Tequila Area (Guadalajara, Tequila)
During Holy Week (Semana Santa), watch and participate in local Passion plays and processions.
Well it depends a lot were in México you are going to stay.
For example here in the Mayan Riviera we have many secret places were we mmmmmm. Well you can say we hide from the tourists.
For example I love going to a beach were there are no tourist there and its one of the best hide outs in the Riviera, also there are small towns were I love to go and spend the weekend such as Holbox and Rio Lagartos.
This are places were nature is at its maximum expression and I love it.
But if you need some info from some other place like center México or north México just let us know and I’m sure here a lot of people can give you more specific places to go and visit.
Sunday Picknick the local way, on Cozumel Island.

Want to be a real Cozumeleno for a day? All you need is a rental car, sheet, cooler and your bikini!
Start your day by preparing the picnic. Any cozumeleno picnic's most inportant item is a cooler full of sol (local beer). Then decide on what you would like to snack that day and throw that in the trunk as well. Next you drive to the other side of the island, find your ideal spot on the beach and you are ready to build your hide out for today. Scan the beach for 4 tall polls with which you will build your shade roof with the sheet you brought.
Put the cooler in the shade as soon as you can and enjoy a full day at the beach amongst many local families that are doing exactly the same!

This is a truly unique experience and a chance to mingle and chat with the locals, built sand castles with their children and enjoy the refreshing ocean!
well,check out the hidden beaches or islands around the country,fishing villages,or check out ,the small villages or haciendas.
wow, there's a lot of things you can do as a local citizen for example:

-eat in the street (the most of the tourist prefer to spend more money in some regular restaurants and sometimes the street food is better)

-travel by ride as my friends and i do very often (you must to be careful try to hop on into open trucks or when the driver is alone)

- Visit places such as Markets, parks (but not those wich appear in the tourism magazines) -

speak with the native people to ask cuestion about history, traditions, etc.(there´s a lot of people who speak english)

-in many parks across the country on sundays there's shows in the streets, Capoeria Shows, Danzon classes, cartoon makers, clowns etc.

- take a walk by yourself to discover new places

- instead of using taxis use the current busses service in each cities (check first if the bus is cheaper than the taxi)

_travel by bus even if your trip is too long

well there´s a lot of things the list is endless so you have a lot of activities to choose. i hope this helps you.
Well, to find out this secret things, you dont have to bring the tourist mind, you have to be part of the locals, with this i mean, don't go out to know the interesting sightseeings of the place, just go one day to walk around with your friends, go to any where to eat, and then have some beers and try to chat with all the locals, ask them the experiences that they had during the day...or why they love the destiny, you will find the human heart of it.
Visit "El Nivel" canteen and have some "pulque" which is a prehispanic liquor.
Que pena que el Nivel lo cerraron hace un año...
Visit "El Nivel" canteen and have some "pulque" which is a prehispanic liquor.
Food, Table Dances, Drinking
They say that the roman catholic religion is the second largest religion in Mexico...SOCCER, known as "football" is the 1st. ;)
EVERY community, no matter how small, has a soccer field. On weekends, it is common for friends and families to go and PARTICIPATE in the games. Going to the Aztec Stadium in Mexico CIty to watch a game is truly an amazing experience!
On my days off, I love to explore new jungle tracks. I Have run into a undiscovered ruin. My passion is sailing, so even when I do not have work I love to jump in one of our vessels and just go sailing and perhaps run into a pod of wild dolphins or even a in-transit whale shark. If I really want to get away, I jump in my panga (this is a shallow draft banana boat with out board engines) and go find a secluded cove that can only be accessed by sea.

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