Fun things to do in Egypt? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Egypt which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Egypt


live like an Egyptian, ride the public transportation, fish from the small lakes and the river, visit an Egyptian family in the city and in the country side, have a meal with them, you would feel the warmth of the Egyptian hospitality
experience the typical bedouin life living with them for few days in the mountains and desert, sandboarding
fun as in experiencing an egyptian life thats easy , u can always go to cairo , eat egyptian food and many things. just one walk across the street and you'll see things u never saw before
In cairo , go for a walk in downtown and have (kushary )kunch at (abou tarek ) and countinue walking to khan el khaleli .
to be frank there's nothing tourists didn't do befor :(
but im sure that..1-attending traditional nubian(dark skin people of egypt) wedding party is something fun to do and not everyone did before.
to eat their food,dance their traditional moves,wear their custom dress..and also have their home made tattoo's designs during the ceremony will be fun to do...
2-also crusing the nile on a regular no motor boat on the sunrise hour is also priceless...
and i can make arrangements for that if you like...
that's fine
To live the simple life of most of the Egyptians ,, experience it , Nearly most of the tourists experience fancy Egypt only.. eating traditional food, walking inside the crowded streets , sip tea on a kahwa ..the list can go on forever!!
drink sa7lab up the kornish of mokatam , or 7omos at the nile ;)
the best things 2 do r da pyramids, da nile, luxor, aswan, red sea, hurgada, sharm el shiekh, old cairo

and much more

002 011 50 50 90 1
call me to take u all around......
Nile cruise,Pyramids area,khan el khalili,luxor,aswan,Squa diving @ hurghada or sharm
u can taste the real life for egyptians with a trusted person .. some of egyption food .. visit the river nile in the night .. trying egyptian caffe .. go to cairo tower .. enter the pyramids .. ride camal or horse .. go to egypt coast such as alexandria or any other beautidul cities ... live with egyptian family not in hotel ...
p.s : i am ready to be ur tour guide for free when u came to egypt
there are many and many fun things to do in egypt and i think the most fun thing is to live as an egyption live i think u will enjoy it
The fun things are a lot:
u can do a felucca, horseback riding,,,,,,,,,,, etc
but the secret is the Simplicity and Kindness of the Egyptians
The fun things are a lot:
u can do a felucca, horseback riding,,,,,,,,,,, etc
but the secret is the Simplicity and Kindness of the Egyptians
going to coffee shops and smoking shihs Tofa7a ( apple flavor) , eat ta3meya ( falafel) , koshary belda2a, kebab , molo7'eya , mombar , ma7shay , moza danny bel fatta , a dish of meshakel we semen .
going to the egyptian movie and enjoy a walk on the corniche , for Luxor and Aswan making a felluka with the local and having a horse ride carrigae 7antooor .
In Sharm El0Sheikh , diving and quadbiking, snorkeling , go to noght clubs and discos of neaama bay during the evening.
to smoke hashish
th fun things its too many things just tell what's make you have fun ??
then i can tell you what's the fun things to do in egypt
Most tourists rearely get off the beaten track, viewing monuments, seeing the temples, the mosques, the churches, shopping at Khan il Khalili, visiting Sharm or Hurghada. And that's a pity.

Even experiences with some of Egypt's minority peoples are now on the tourist trail - particularly expeiriences with Egypt's Bedoiun or Nubian people. However, these can still be culturally fascinating experiences.

In summer many Cairenes flock to the Faiyoum to visit Lake Qaroun, which is part of the world's oldest nature reserve. This is home to many migrant birds in the right season, and the small islet of Hamour (Golden Horn) is a breeding spot for flamingoes.

As well this area contains a number of monuments, including as-Sagha (Goldsmith's) palace that lies in the northern part, dating back to the Pharaonic Middle Kingdom. It looks like a small temple made of rosy stone with seven compartments. Three km away from as-Sagha palace there lies Abu Lifa Monastery that was built in the monastic era on an elevated spot of a mountain to keep monks secure from Roman oppression. Greek monuments include relics of the old town of Skitnopius, once the departure point for the south desert-bound trade caravans. Other monuments in the same general area are the Pyramid of Hawara as well as the remains of the Temple built by Amenemhat III. Also you can visit the Roman site of Karanis, which includes a large agora. Continue on to Maidum to see the collapsed pyramid. It is a huge structure that is surrounded by the debris from the casing that collapsed. The Maidum Pyramid is thought to have been started by Huni, and then completed by his son Sneferu. A little north of the Maidum Pyramid are the remains of the Seila Step Pyramid, which is made of limestone and is thought to be from the 2nd Dynasty.

A boat ride can also be taken on the lake and there are a number of resorts and places to stay, or to spend the day just swimming and enjoying the water. There are also restaurants open in the warmer months for an excellent local meal overlooking the lake.

You might like to visit Faiyoum (the town) where local handmade baskets and pottery make an excellent souvenir of the visit. A local guide could also take you to see some traditional shadouf still working in the farmlands - the ingenious water lifting device that has been used for thousands of years to raise water from the Nile.

A day or two in the Faiyoum is something that usually only the local do!

Like many I agree you must try the local foods like mixed grills and koshari. Have some tea when your shopping. Ride a camel. Come at a Holiday time to enjoy our festivals. Visit a mosque, and learn something about Islam.
Meet some people who live the normal lifes here, Egyptians are kind and friendly people and we have tourists in our country our whole history.
Enjoy it :)
Walking down town with allllllll these peopel watching the shops and eating fool or koshari :) smoking waterpipe on a local caffe and having a nice sailing in a falouka.
Local Foods, Smoke Hashish, Public Transportation and visit pubs clubs and bar's with an Egyptian group.
come and u will see
come and u will see
Hi,There are many things do in Egypt and interesting by it come to Egypt and you will see all things in Egypt.
you will see my EGYPT with my eyes, we can go to suez canal cities, Port said,Ismailia,Fayed.
We just had a group of 7 that had an awesome authentic experience. In Luoxr, we rented them a house (villa) on the West Bank in the midst of real Egyptian life. Dinner varied but they tried pigeon cooked by a friend's mother and had a couple lunches floating down the Nile on a felucca. They also visited some of the lesser known temples such as Medinat Habu (mostly frequented by kids on school trips). If you have time, also try the Valley of the Monkeys. (I have a complete list if you're interested). Sweets were compliments of the local renowned bakery 'Twinky' on the East Bank and shisha, chai or a cold Stella rounded out the evening.

In Aswan, they had a home cooked meal in a Nubian village and distributed school supplies to the children. If you have time, Kalabsha temple is less well known than Philae and equally as beautiful.

In Cairo, stray off the tourist path and try local stores, restaurants and if visiting Khan El Khalili, visit at night when most of the tourists have left and Egyptian families come out to socialize.

Lastly, to warm you on those days when you're dreaming of Egypt, visit a music store and get some local music. Put on a nice ghelabiya, sip a cup of tea and dream. :-)

n cairo , go for a walk in downtown and have (kushary )kunch at (abou tarek ) and countinue walking to khan el khaleli .
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hi,very good idea to have the real experience of normal egyptian life
this mean first u have to make alot of days in cairo nt just pyramids and museum as normal turist,but u do as egyptian in holidays take a feluka in nile and go to al kanater al khaerea ,alot of gardens horses,carriage .green everywhere
other day u go to khan alkhalili nt 4 the turistic market but to the heart of cairo,the most ancient islamic places,the real markets 4 egyptian where they buy materials
the open museum streets of ancient islamic buildings and mosques where no turist go while its more than meraviglious area,to visit pyramids u wear galabea as egyptian beduine and take a cammel 2 hours in desert around giza pyramids.u can make a complete day on cammel from giza to saqara.then beduine food in desert.
u can go to the zoo where egyptian families go with their food and children .its a fantastic experience to see how people spend best time with less money
u can go to farmers in al faium or any other place to see the mud houses,how to make national bread.close to al faium there s wadi very ancient time 40 mhllions years ago it was just a valley of alot of bones and rests of ancient sea animals and plants.there u can spend 1 night in a tend in desert..
if u like cultural places u can go to opera house in cairo,or to saqeat al sawi,or to see showes of ancient islamic houses used by the ministry of culture to be as theaters
happy to offer any help or anyinformation about any thing in egypt

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