Fun things to do in China? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in China which tourists rarely experience?


Country: China


Try to play mahjoing with Chinese people for gambling, you will win or lose, but my suggestion is try to learn the difficult characters printed on the Mahjong cards.
The secret things only locals do is someone put his feet in the elevator which is only for high floors and press the second floor button. Amazing!
try kara-ok !
they are naughty under the blanket!

KTV is one of those things, but to realy experience this you need to go with a group of Chinese.

Of course you should try the nightlife, choise a chinese disco, you find them everywhere just follow the sound.

A genuine Chinese meal in small, local restaurants, you might need a guide.

Try Binglan, betel nuts. Available in many versions and gives an extra kick to beer.

Try to meet some locals and they take you along.

Have fun

KTV (Karaoke) must go with Chinese people though.
Food, local food, must go with local or experienced person.
Public bus, just kidding
Nightlife is also great!
Hmm, I forgot to mention China's country side. Most people I see stick to the big cities, however I think getting out through the back roads can be very rewarding itself. If you can find someone to take you out it's great especially when you don't have to be involved with a travel group that will make you go here or go there.
Here's one

When you go to the Great Wall, you don't have to pay for a ticket, go through the long line of tourist booths or even pay for parking.

Hire a van to take you and yours and drop you at the parking lot. Prepare for a hike.

Just go to the end of the parking lot and head out.
The hike will take you anywhere from 15min to an hour depending on what section you go to.

Also, if you want to hike or camp on the Wild Wall (the sections that have been left to disrepair) and you find a "guard" at the end of the trail, just spot dude 20 or so RMB and he'll look the other way when you head past the warning signs. :)
Sometimes the drivers in China won't let the pedestrians cross the stree first even the green light on. So you have to be more careful than your own country.
The other experience is that it is a little bit noisy in some local restaurants because of the culture difference. Recently more restaurants forbidden smoking, and you can ask non smoking seats!
Camp on the Great Wall
Have you been to Yunnan Province(Southwestern China)? Join into many minority groups here, observe varied tradition, custom and habits influence different groups living here. Such experience will always entertain and surprise you. Let's check out Yunnan in a unique way.
have hotpot;play majiang;drive to the countryside to breathe the fresh air;go to KTV with a group of friends;edge in and out during the rush hour;have afternoon tea with your friends;etc.
in fact ,china is so big that every part of its land is unique with the local characteristics.It mostly depends on where you are in China!
Haha, try to eat something you have never tried, such as cat, donkey, snake, swan,mule, and more.
Im in Turpan Xinjiang China. if you come and visit my county i will take you out with me allover my hometown, and i take you to some ancient city which has a long history like more than 3000 years. and take you to local restaurant local bar and drink local xinjiang beer,my county is also called silk roed its located in middle Asia if you interested in my county just come and visit.
Try food. Eating is absolutely an unique in China for our ppl would eat almost everything, those you can find in China town is not Chinese it's already been Americanized. So try our real Chinese food if you dare to, hoho
in fact,different cities have different culture.So you had better to choose which city you would like to go !
eat the thing you want to try
sing the songs you want to sing
be with the local and have fun
eat the thing you want to try
sing the songs you want to sing
be with the local and have fun
Hi, Chinese people are not so differend than any other people in the world, they also have their good and bad habits, but compare to western countries you can enjoy excellent Massages, sing Karaoke, play Mahjong, or like them sit on the street or in the park and play chess.
their life is more relaxed, I like it very much !
secret things? haha~ i think if you can speak the language and understand the culture, you will get more involved.
usually they hang out in the park, play chess, mahjong,some traditional intrument, some alleys are pretty interesting things to see and walk, taichi, Karaoke, etc.
secret things? haha~ i think if you can speak the language and understand the culture, you will get more involved.
usually they hang out in the park, play chess, mahjong,some traditional intrument, some alleys are pretty interesting things to see and walk, taichi, Karaoke, etc.
There are lots of fun things that you can do in China. There are many famous cities in China, such as Nanjing, Qingdao,Beijing, Xi'an, Sizhou and so on. Every city has its own characteristics and flavous. Take Qingdao for example. You ca go to the Ocean World to see many materin animals that can hardly see in other places. You can go to swiming in the bathing beach. You can sit near the sea to enjoy the seafood barbecue and listening to the waves. You can walk to Zhan qiao. You can climb the Small Fish Mountain to have a overview of Qingdao...there are really many many things you can do. You can also get the help from me@@
yeah, KTV is quite differnt and if u like, maybe u can go to those local food market to try some special local food and you can also go to those small villages to experience one day farmer's life,i think it'll be interesting.
Bars&clubs should be cool. And you can also go to the exhibitions. Furthermore, especially in Beijng, I recommend you to walk around the Hu-tongs, and try the bargaining shopping here. It will be fun. Have a good time in China!
- Try the Dai Pai Dong (local restaurant holding by the side of the streets) at night and have some hot pot not just as the spicy one, but also the ones from Inner Mangolia.
- Join local people's wedding in the villages
- Attend the local festival events according to the lunar calendar(there is not just Lunar New Year)
* In China, you should believe that in the rough place, you may find some gorgeous things.
For example,in here,tourists mainly just come and go without any touching experience except the Arrangements of Travel Agency and Guide, so you can spend a little more time and less money to go to rural&nomad area and experience their life with a good tour guide like me. Haaha.sure you will be enjoying.
I watched a movie about the minority in Chinese countryside, Do like the local people. and They have the good health due to barefoot. try it next time.
Try street food in the morning and at night, two different experiences but make sure you have a strong stomach!

Don't just do hotpot do chinese bbq too!

When you go to the bars, play some Chinese Drinking games with locals.

Wear your pajamas out in public! :P just kidding...
manners,funeral at some areas
Playing the walnuts and singing birds of course. The covers of the walnuts are tough,its good for your hands and brain.
well, maybe to go to the suburbs, fruit-picking, try coutry-side dishes.
Try acupuncture, cupping and manipulation, you would be surprised and surprisingly in 'pain'... :P

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