what is the criteria of asigning tourists to localytes in any case there are those that need localytes?


Country: Kenya


Hello Osewe..

That is a nice question in the sense that the clients expected to be localytes are completely different from the normal tourists who come just for there holiday and go back.This are people who want to explore the country as the way a local man do.See things as the way a local man does.They are here to get the real feeling of bieng kenyan and at the same time creating employement for the local people like me and you.I think this is the criteria that should be used....
You should be familiar with you locality for you to be a loclyte.
This is a forum for the locals who want to accommodate the tourists at low cost and make them behave and tour as local people. A Localyte must know his area well to participate in a tour.
I have noticed it is all about your area of operation as indicated in your registration. I might not be sure but its more automated than manual.

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