Please tell me how the capital city of Srilanka got her name as COLOMBO and roughly when did it become the capital.


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Sorry to see that nobody answers my question. The meaning or how it became Colombo has 2 definitions. First of all it has nothing to do with Christopher Colombo. In sinhalese we call it Kolamba. There is a saying that when potugese occupied Colombo There was a big mango tree around fort area but without any friuts. In sinhalese we call the leaves Kola Nd mangoes as Amba. So kola amba became Kolanba. The other definition is to say that near Kelani river thare was a bay and it was called Kalam Baia in portugese, later it became kolombaia and then to Kolomba. British made Colombo as the capital should be around 1860 to 1870.
I would go with your second explanation with regards to how Colombo got its name. Colombo became the capital in 1565 AD, it was besieged by the Sinhalese in 1572 AD.and was besieged by Rajasinghe 1 in 1587 AD It capitulated to the British on 15-02-1796
Thank you Mr. Rozairo. I cannot agree with your second explanation that Colombo bacme the capital in 1565. It is true that Colombo was occupied by Portugese at that time and later on by Dutch and British, but it was never declared as the capital.Before Kandy became the capital, Sri Jayawardanapura Kotte was the capital but it was never called as colombo.
Dear Mr. Gajanayake the information was derived from a directory of dates and events compiled by the Dr. K.D.G. Wimalaratne Department of National Archives and published in 1988. The compilation that I am fortunate to own covers the period 543 BC to 1984 AD
Kotte was a Kingdom during the period in question and not the capital
O.K. Thanks for your information. How about Dambadeniya, Kurunegala, Gampola? Were they also kingdoms?

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