My friend in the UK is seeking an old Sri lankan war time friend and we wonder if anyone here knows him. His name is Tissa Thambagulla...

...(hope i spely that right) does anyone know if he is still alive and where his friend Bill from the Uk can contact him ?


Country: Sri Lanka


Can you please tell me whether it is THAMBUGALA. Then we can do a research.
Yes i think it may be thank you Stanley. Apparently he was in a bomb disposal unit as far as i know from my friend in the UK. Thanks again.
I got this number from the telephone directory. Name appears as A.T. Captain Thambugala. Address is 179/3,Hill Street, Dehiwala and the telephone number is 011.2712622. You cam make a courtesy call and ask them whether they know somebody on this name.
Stanely thats great thanks so much. I will pass this to my friend in the Uk and he can call. Will let you know how he gets on. My e mail you can mail me there. Thanks again.

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