Dear all First of all i hope you are doing great and i would like to ask you about does anyone know about a prepared bus for...

...especial people tours in Egypt? If you know whom has this kind of bus please provide with the contact e-mail or phone No. also if you know any tour operator that can help in arranging such tours all over the country. Thanks a lot for your help Enjoy your time Jack


Country: Egypt


hello jack ,
how are u ??

i checkd ur profile and i found that u should be a profitional in that kind of trips ,

tell me exactly what u need ,may be i could help u ??

about the busses , what kind of buss u need i mean how many seats ?

about the trips what kind of trips in your mind exactly , becouse i think i have some good ideas it may be help

lets talk again

have a great time

Dear Ayman

I think you did not understand my question , please read it again or just ask someone , I need a Special bus for Special people (people with certain needs).

Enjoy your time

Hi Jack - do you mean a tour for people with a disability? Some tour buses have the ability to take a chair and many hotels now have at least one or two rooms that are set up for people with disabilities. Standard cruise boats are a little more difficult. Can you tell me a little more exactly about what you are looking for? And what size tour you are thinking of?

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel
Dear Lyndall

Thank you for your answer , all what i need is a bus prepared for people with special needs (wheel Chair) , we are talking about 20 Pax. If you can give me a contact for whom may have a bus like this.

Thanks a lot

Enjoy your time

Lyndell is right
Thank you
Hi Jack Hope you are fine.

I can prepare 2009 or 2010 bus that may take till 50 passenger & if you need smaller bus i'll try to arrange you one :-) , with air-conditionar, prof. driver & wheel chair.just let me know for how many days do you need it?
Dear Mahmoud , thanks for your answer , what i need is a bus for disable people (special people) i need a bus that 20 to 26 wheel chair can move with it , i need to know the price for 10 days and if you have pictures for the bus please send it to me on my e-mail

Thank you

I am a tour operator in Vantage Travel International. I can arrange you the bus you need. Also, i can arrange you any transfers and tours all over Egypt.
Here is our web site so you can visit it:
and if you liked any thing there you may send me an email to

and it is my pleasure to anwer all your questions
Dear Fatma , thank you for your answer , i checked your web and i found nothing about special people.

Any way what i need is a bus for disable people (wheel chair clients they are 20 to 26 pax, if you have this kind of bus i need to know how much is it i need it for 10 days and also if you have pictures for the mentioned bus please send it to me on my e-mail

Thank you


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