Which places are must see in Egypt & how many days it would take to see these places.


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Well, let me sort out the places that are absolutely A MUST SEE:
1) Pyramids of Giza
2) Egyptian Museum
These are located within Greater Cairo (i.e. Cairo & Giza), it takes a day for each of them.

3) Khan El Khalili: It is also located in Cairo, but I advise visiting it on a separate day, in order to be able to enjoy it. It's basically an old market or bazar where you can buy different traditional gifts (small statues, papyrus, you get the idea)

4) The cities of Luxor & Aswan (you take the train to reach them, takes about 4 hours from Cairo) These 2 cities are basically full of ancient Egyptian temples and historical sites. These would take about 2 - 3 days to explore.

5) If you are a fan of the beach life, then I also recommend going to Sharm El Sheikh, it's a city located on the Red Sea. Usually a trip to Sharm El Sheikh takes 3 - 4 days.

These are the most popular spots in Egypt, but ofcourse there are MANY other places to go and things to do. I just wanted to highlight the most important.

If you have any other inquiries feel free to ask at any time.
To go to a full sightseeing in Egypt will require at least 2 to 3 weeks to cover most of it.
In cairo :
1)Visit the Pyramids , it will take a full day to cover it..u can go inside th e pyramids,visit the sun boat of the paroahs,do some camel and horse riding, buy some souvenirs,take pictures by the Sphinx and around, have a meal, then attend the Sound and light show, which is translated in many language.
2)The Pharonic Village, I recommend visiting it is a new village on an island in the Nile, showing you the pharonic life as it was in the old days.
3)Visiting the Museum needs half a day to quickly have a look at it.
4)Shopping at our market Khan El Khalil for all Egyptian traditional bazaar, that need an evening while enjoying our tradional food over there too.
5)Nile crusing is wonderful too..we have several cuisine boats for lunch or dinner with an egyptian show and belly dancer.
6)Visiting the Cairo Tower needs 2 hours in the morning or in the evening and have a snack over there.
7) Cairo is full of many ancient Mosques and Churches..if of any interest.
8)Visit the Citadal it is a big Mosque with great History half a day is required.
9)Going to Luxor and Aswan by plane then by Nile cruise in the Nile is a must u will see msot of the ancient egyptian civilations.That will need at least 4 days.
10)Going to the beaches in Egypt such as Sharm El Sheikh for diving, snorkling,fishing, enjoying swiming and sun tan and many other entertainments.That will require at least 4 days.
Hope this information is helpful and ready for more assitance.
THank you so much.
Hi dear u need 2 weeks to explore Egypt and you must visit:

a)Cairo the Capital of Egypt:
1-Cairo Museum
2-The Pyramids of Giza & saqarra
3-Cairo tower

b)Sharm El Shikh
e)Luxor & aswan
And if u stayed more than 2 weeks u would enjoy more and more.
Hey there,
First of all! Welcome to Egypt .. am sure you will adore staying here!
There are loads of stuff to do in Egypt but we can categorize them to ease the decision of what to visit.
1- History Fan
2 - Sea , swimming and getting a tan fan
If you choose history .. Cairo and Luxor are a must.
Cairo is the capital of Egypt , in Cairo you will have to visit those places:
1- The Giza Pyramids
2- The Sphinx
3- The Citadel : a historical castle
4- The Pharaonic Village
5- Kan ElKalili : where you can buy pharaonic souvenirs and stuff! Visit Al-Hussein which is the most famous & historical mosque in Egypt
6- Then I advise a Nile Cruise which can take you to Luxor.
In Luxor you can visit more history ..
at : 1- The Karnak Temple where you will find the engineering marvels and the spirituality .
2- Valley of the Kings
3- The Luxor Temple..
Speaking about the Nile Cruise ,, it is really amazing on it own .. it will astound you!
This programme needs about a week
If you are a fan of the sea! then you can freely choose from those cities..
1- Sharm ElSheik - " the one I advise most"
2 - Hurghada
3 - Dahab
4 - Taba
5 - Marsa Alam
You can google them and compare .. maybe you find some city more charming than Sharm ElSheik ..
In those cities it is not only the sea .. but there are plenty of other stuff to do such as
1- Skuba diving
2 - Snorkling
3 - Parachuting
4 - Safari Nights where you can ride buggies in the deserts in groups of tourists
5 - Beach parties at the night too if you enjoy them!!
This programme needs a week too.
But , if you want to witness all the beauties of Egypt . I'd say 20 days are enough .. given the transportation between the cities takes time if it is by bus! If airborne transportation will be taken then 15 days are enough.
I tried to summarize as much as possible ,, but I hope my answer is helpful.
Feel free to message me here or email me at .. in case you have further inquiries
Thank you so much.
all are right, you need at least 2 weeks to see everything
all are right, you need at least 2 weeks to see everything
all are right, you need at least 2 weeks to see everything

My name is Ibraam i'm an english speaking tour guide in Egypt. i have seen your request about the tour to Egypt. it's easy for me to arrange a nice tour for you . i have many itineraries but it depends to how long you would like to stay in Egypt. i have an itinerary for 6 nights & 7 days. i have an itinerary for 9 nights & 10 days . so could you please to tell me how long would you like to stay. all of my programs included visiting Cairo , Aswan & Luxor,An English speaking tour guide, privet A/c car, 4 stars hotels & 5 stars Nile cruise. i hope to let you enjoy your tour to Egypt. i'm ready for any more questions
Thank you but How do I contact you? Can you give me your e mail id?
Places to see in Egypt are divided to:
1- Pharaonic
2- Religious
3- Architectural
Which one are you most interested in?
Post your answer and I will prepare the list for you, then by choosing I will tell you how long it will take...

Thank you, The most famous ones. I am not very keen on beaches. But Architectural & Historical as well as famous rligious places I would like to visit.
Thank you, The most famous ones. I am not very keen on beaches. But Architectural & Historical as well as famous rligious places I would like to visit.
The sphinx and Pyramids.Step Pyramid.
The excellent Egyptian Museum. Islamic Cairo. Old (Coptic) Cairo. Ben Ezra .

A couple of hours north west of Giza , is the world famous Alexandria which was founded by the great
Macedonian king Alexander who conquered Egypt in 332BC when he was 24 years old, and one of 34 cities carrying his name around the world.
the new capital city was founded on he eastern part of the Nile river delta near a small Egyptian village called on the thin strip of land between the Mediterranean sea and the vast lagoon area that is now lake mariout.

in the new city which was founded by the Greek artichet (Dinocrates) the Greek culture lived side by side with the Pharonic civilization and the interaction of these two civilizations gave rise to a new civilization called the Alexandrian that quickly spread over the entire Mediterranean area.
Alexandria now is the second largest city in Egypt and the first port for Egypt and the main destination for the Egyptians during the summer vacations and the weekends .
In Alexandria you will be able to enjoy Roman amphitheatre at kom-el Dikka was discovered in 1960 while removing fortress from the time of Napoleon .The Roman Amphitheater was the center of Alexandria's entertainment, and it was also the place people could see fights, much like the those of the gladiators centuries later.
Also the Catacombs of Kom il-Shoqafa which is very similar to the Cata comb in Rome where you are going to see the mix-iconography between the Egyptian art and the Greco-roman art , Alexandria national museum ,Pompey’s pillar ,Qaitbey Fort and Don't forget to try Alexandria sea food.

The world largest open air museum for a variety of magnificent temples and tombs, including the Karnak complex, Valley of the Kings, the valley of the queens, Colossi of Memnon, Hatsepshut temple , Luxor
Temple, the ramseum temple, Madinet Hapo , Workmen village, temple of Seti I at el Quanah and valley of the nobles.
The area comprising the present -day town of Luxor and the site of Karnak corresponds to the ancient Thebes , the great capital of Egypt during the new kingdom (Golden age ) of the Egyptian civilization.Homeros used the word Thebes to indicate to the ancient capital of Egypt during the new kingdom , which was originally called (Waset) the city of the (was ) scepter.
In Luxor take three or four days if possible and they are not enough to cover all the sights in Luxor .
The first site you must vist in Luxor is the valley of the kings where the kings of the 17,18,19,20 dynasties chosesd their burials in a remote area in the west bank of Thebes .before leaving the valley of the kings vist the tomb of the young pharaoh Tutankhamen which was discovered almost intact by Carter and carnavon 1922.
As you still in the west bank of Luxor and in the valley of the kings climb the mountain you will find out that you are in front of the temple of queen hatshepsut who was one of the most famous queens in ancient Egypt 18th dynasty.

Aswan is a beautiful place for boating on the Nile and laid backism, though it hardly deserves time if you're pressed.

There are no monuments here but it's on the way to the Temple of Ramases II at Abu Simbel .Aswan suffers a similar problem to Luxor regarding Nile tourist boat overload, though a boat trip down the Nile from Luxor to Aswan, stopping off at a couple of wonderful, monumental temples on the way is a good way to experience the Nile

Red sea
Sharm el Sheikh is a classic, posh beach resort without much ethnic style but comfortable and with superb snorkeling and diving near the beach

Dahab 85km north is terrific for low-cost style, scuba, snorkeling and for chilling out man, but doesn't offer much in the way of beaches.
Hurghada on the other side of the Red Sea is brash, modern, fast food and package tour hell, distant from public beaches, with no connection to Egypt at all, though comfortable and sunny - naturally.
Thank you so much for such briesf but detailed information.
Hi Archana - you already have answers that cover the important things for you to see. Personally I think you need at least 2 weeks (if you do some air travel) and 3 weeks otherwise if you travel by land. Cairo and Luxor are critical and a Nile cruise is relaxing and enjoyable and a wonderful way to see some of the country. One of my personal favourites is Alexandria - a day there will show you quite a different face of Egypt and if you like seafood the fish restaurants are incredible. And of course Egypt has amazing deserts if you like eco travelling, they are interspersed with stunning oases and you can also visit with the Bedouin and see some of their traditional lifestyle. In Aswan you can also do this with a Nubian family, another of the major cultural groups of Egypt - the music and the food are fabulous.

If it is meaningful for you, you can also visit the Sinai where the ancient monastery of Santa Caterina has been built on the site of the Burning Bush of the Bible, and if you wish you can climb Mt Sinai and watch the sunrise from the mountain. A lot of tourists would this on the way to Sharm el Sheikh from Cairo if going by road.

I would be happy to work out an itinerary and cost for you if you are interested, especially if you let me know about the things that most interest you.

All the best

Thank you & please give me your e mail id & I will write to you.
well it would take a whole life time to do that lol but there are the usual tourist sights like priymaids , museums , mohamed ali mosque , ofcourse if ur lookin for parties then sharm is the way to go
well it s all fun
first of all the Giza pyramids
the Egyptian museum
the temples at luxor and aswan
Ras Muhamed at sharm EL Sheikh
Saint Katrine Mountain
Hatshebsut temple
first of all welcome in Egypt second i think that there are many places you must see in Egypt it depends on your desires want u want to see if u love beach life and night life i think u have to visit sharm el sheikh , hurghada, red sea and if u want to see ancient history you have to visit luxor and aswan and of course you u have to visit Egypt as there is a lot of stuffs u must see and if u want to see something different like farms life of farmers or (fala7een) eat there food and this stuffs there are many places u can visit so all i want to say is Egypt is the best place u can visit because there is every thing here
giza pyramides
egyptian museum
citadel (muhammed aly mosque)
el-refai & sultan hassan mosque
khan el khalili
old cairo (hanging church - st george the greek - synagogue ben ezzra - coptic museum)

stay in mena house hotel in front of pyramids with a panoramic view ...
i'd like to tell you that u must see all of egypt it's magical all of it places but there is romantic places you must see in ur honey moon you can go to cairo and go to khan el khalily and the pyramides and egyption musium you can talk thise round in 2 days and u can go to then to sharm el shihk it's very romantic town over view the see u will like it sooooo much
with my best wiches

That is a very wide question
For places In every Province You Have to visit that would take too much space
you will need from 2 to 4 weeks to cover important places all over :
Sharm El Sheakh / hurghada
Luxor / Aswan
I agree this is a very general question. And it also, depends what you are interested in.
Hello Dear.
I think you have too many answers. And you have now clear idea about EGYPT. All you have to do is to contact me for FREE. to all the details.
Please check my website and you will find all places which you can see
Please check my website and you will find all places which you can see
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