I want to visit Pyramids. Where should I stay?


Country: Egypt


you should stay somewhere in cairo, tahrir square or ramses square are full of motels and hotels starting 10$ per a night up to 200, also there are youth hostels which are a bit cheaper than that
Dear Mr.
1st thanks for your trust, you can stay in Pyramids hotel, i'm sure you will like the atmos, in this hotel.
best regards
u can stay in Giza and there are many hotels in El Haram Street in Giza
and there is no problem if u staied any place in cairo :)
You are welcome in Egypt, about where you stay if you would like to visit the pyramids, we advice you to stay in a hotel close to this area .in El Haram st. it gives you more time to enjoy the tour to the pyramids , it gives you a chance to visit the step pyramid of king Djser in Saqara ( the 1st pyramid was built in Egypt ). it's about 45 minutes from the pyramids area. there are many hotels in this area 3,4,5 stars.
I advice to get a hotel in the down town area with a cheap price and be able to visit the down town and Egyptian musuem , Citadel , islamic cairo , Cairo Tower , all of these sites are within the reach of Down town , a local taxi could be very good mean of transport.
for Pyramids visits u should contact me so we can rent u a car with a guide with very cheap prices say 80$ up to 6 people carw with an egyptologist guide.
Victoria hotel in Ramses is the best and most reasonable prices there ..

i don't remember the price but i think it is from 32 to 35 USD per night and HB
You can stay beside the Plataou, at the Mena House Oberoi, or any other hotel downtown and it will take you between 30-45 min to reach the Pyramids Area. Please note that you will not have a view in the second option, rather it might be a Nile View.
i suggest one of the hotels in downtown (Cairo) where the choice is big
Hi Archana - so pleased you're thinking of coming to Egypt - you will have an amazing time. There are hotels near the pyramids, which are about 20 kilometres (45-60 minutes on the roads) from the very heart of Downtown. This is also convenient for Saqqara, Memphis and for going to Dashur, the Faiyoum or Alexandria. However, staying Downtown or along the Nile is still probably the best - you are much closer then to the Museum, Old Cairo, the Citadel, shopping, Khan il Khalili, Cairo Tower and many other of Cairo's attractions. It's also fascinating just to go for a walk, do a little shopping or stop at a cafe. Most of the major hotels are in that central city area and you are transferred by bus or car to wheverever you want to visit. Downtown is also close to the train stations. There is a huge range of prices for accommodation in this central area. If you choose to stay out in Giza there are also hotels in this area in a range of price brackets, from Mena House, Le Meridien Sphinx or Movenpick to more budget priced hotels. It's really up to you.

You will have a great time whatever you choose

can stay any where in Egypt the transportation is very easy but if u want a place near the pyramids u can stay in mina house hotel, sofitel le sphinx hotel or Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort and those hotels are all in the area of Giza near the Pyramids
Hi,You can stay in any place in Egypt the transportation in Egypt is very easy you can transfer in any place in any time in short time,welcome to Egypt in any time and i wish the best time in it.
Dear: Archana Karlekar you should stay somewhere in cairo special in el Haram area.
Hi, completely agree with Lyndall. If you plan on doing other things besides visiting the Pyramids, your best bet is to stay downtown. There's not really much to do near the Pyramids and getting downtown from that area everyday will eat into your sightseeing time, especially with Cairo's notorious traffic.

Please check our website and you will find what you need
Please check our website and you will find what you need
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u can stay wherever u want , its so easy to reach the pyramids by local transportation from anyplace in cairo
if u need more help , contact me
Le meredien Pyramids Hotel or Mena House Obneroi
Le meredien Pyramids Hotel or Mena House Obneroi
u can stay in delta pyramids hotel
its the nearest place to pyrmids u can see the pyramids from the window its amazing view and its cheap too if u want more information contct me
i can be in ur help when you come here in Egypt
my mail is:

my number : 0167349020
theres lot of hotels in giza and it will be around the pyramids like you can see it from your room

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