Is there any French Forts in Sri Lanka?


Country: Sri Lanka


Srilanka was never controlled by frenchmen hence no french forts in Srilanka
That is not right.
The Trincomalee Fort Frederick was captured by French soldiers.
In 1672, the year when the Dutch Republic was attacked by France, Britain, and two German states, the French captured Trincomalee and later they occupied Batticaloa. However soon the French were forced to leave.
In late 18th century Trincomalee traded hands once more with the French capturing it again and later handing back to the Dutch East India Company at the Peace of Paris in 1784.
But Fort Federick is a Portuguese fort thanks a lot for the information Sankarest
No, brother only Portuguese -Dutch and English
That is right, there are no forts built by french men in Sri Lanka. But twice they try to conquer the island from there indian colony. So the Trinco fort was two times captured by french soldiers!

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