Where we can find and visit Portuguese, Dutch, British Forts in Sri Lanka?


Country: Sri Lanka


The best and the most famous and declared as a world herutage site is the Galle fort. Initially built by portugese with 3 bastions and later on expanded by Dutch with other bastions and also refaced by British. Even Matara you find a Portugese, Dutch fort. Aprt from that Trincomalee and Jaffna are famous for the other forts. The colombo Fort known as Colombo 1 the heart of Colombo now we can see the ruins of the Portugese fort.
Galle fort. - Portuguese, Dutch, British

Matara - Portugese, Dutch

Trincomalee and Jaffna - Portugese fort.

Colombo - Mainly Brits
negombo fort first build by portugees year 1600 after that dutch peoples take over the fort year 1640 then dutch people enlarge it according to there requirements,wen can see dutch model buildings.then british people take over fort from dutch peolple,they build prison and explosive store in the fort.
Galle the most famous - Portuguese / Dutch, Matara same, Trinco - Jaffna

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