Now in english because I would love to know all people's opinion about Rio de Janeiro... What do you like in Rio??? What do you...

...want to see in Rio???? And tell us your expectations about Brazil...Thank you!


Country: Brazil


It is important to know what our visitors think about Rio and what they would like to do while they come to the city!!!

Rio is now an easy destination and finally we can find tour guides very interested in showing the real stuff!
All people that I meet always talks about night in Lapa, we have to think that Lapa is reall the heart of Rio if you want to see Samba coming from real people.
I like the beaches of Rio , the wonderfull places that I take the tourists to visit , Rio┬┤s people ( brazilian ) are nice they have always a smile on their face , the coconut water is awsome we can drink it the whole year in Rio de Janeiro !
The beaches are lovely, best beaches in the World.
I would love to watch the solution of traffic in Rio.
I specially like the interior of the State
amazing place ever .worming people. excelent wether. incridible turistic points places. all in one. take care my friend. bye.
Rio gives the visitor an option to be convinced that it is the door of Brazil!

We should do the best of ourselves to make our visitor feel at home!
Rio is one of the most wonderful city in the World, we have to work together to improve our image in the World.

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