Where is our famous footballer Pele was born


Country: Brazil


Howdie Pry!!! Always great to see you here!!! Pelé was born in the countryside of Minas Gerais State, in a village called Tres Corações.

The capital of Minas Gerais is Belo Horizonte!
Because I love your country so I will be keep on asking Brazil questions when ever I am free
By the way...Rafa wrote to CEILON VOYAGER, do you know them? And he is waiting for their answer! :)
No I do not know them there are so many players in Srilanka because our Tourism is booming after gaining peace in the Country.
So I would recommend you to look for them, because they wrote to Rafa with some proposals, so go there and get informed how you can work with them!

they should know your love about Brazil!
Sri Lanka seems to be very interesting!
Pry!!!!!! So wonderful to see you here!!! Well, Marcone said everything...Pele is from Tres Corações, a beautiful countryside village of Minas Gerais State, this place is full of mountains and beautiful waterfalls. It is close to famous mountain destinations like Lambari, São Lourenço and Caxambu.
Also, very important, check how important is this receptive operator called CEILON VOYAGER.

They contacted me and I want you to be part of any transaction regarding our plans with Sri Lanka!!! YOU ARE MY MAN THERE!!!!
Back to Pelé!!! :) He is now living in Santos, but he is also living in São Paulo and his main destination in the World is New York.

He is such a brilliant man, bery humble and very famous!!!
Pelé's favorite player is ROBINHO who is from Santos!
Dear Rafa,
The CEILON VOYAGER company does not have a web site also honestly I do not know who they are I know what you meant to say you are little bit of worry to deal with them because you do not know. I can tell you some established names in Srilanka like Walkers Tours, Aitken Spence, Jetwing, Ceylon Tours,Quickshows, Reddot,Diethlem,Visit Lanka,Journey Scape all these companies are big players.
Of course BRASIL!!!
Pelé is our brother, we are proud of him, and we love him.

He is from Minas.

We should see the modern players now, Robinho and Grafite are excellent players. We have to win this Cup!

Come to Brazil one day
We love Pele, he is from Tres Corações.
Pelé was born in tres corações in 23rd October 1940 , so he is 70 years now , nobody says isn´t it ? he always says he has three hearts referring to the name of the city he was born , he has also played in the Cosmos team in USA
Trés Corações/MG - October,23 1940
You are from Sri Lanka and know all for Brazil. I'm a happy person for you.

Yes, Pele is our king
Thanks Rafael about your comment it is not only Pele I know some of your Footballers like Ronaldo,Romario,Dunga,Rubhino,Ronaldino are few of them
Pele lives in Santos, he speaks good english, you know?
Tres Corações in Minas!
He is from Tres Corações and he hardly visit his hometown!
Tres Corações
He is from Tres Corações.
Tres Corações but he is living in Santos
We should all visit Minas Gerais, Tres Corações is aso a very cute town!

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