I`m going to spent my vacations in Portugal and then go to Marocco, can u advice the cheapest way from Portugal to Marocco? Thanks.


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Take a coach from Portugal to SEvillia in Spain then change and take a coatch down to La Linia and cross over by Ferry.
From Portugal to Morocco is made only by airplane... so its better to go to Algeciras (South of Spain next to Gibraltar) and then take a ferry to tanger or something like that.
You are in luck up until the beginning of this month it was expensive to fly there. Now TAP ( a Portuguses airline) are doing flights from now until Christmas, to Marrakesh, return for 99 euros. I believe its 3 times a weak from Lisbon. I highly recommend Morocco we go to the desert every winter (driving). Check out this site for camel riding and this for a place to stay in Lisbon
Hi! I found a blog from a person who has been to Marrocos I thought it fantastic. I think is this you want:

Morocco Public Transport
I made the journey from Portugal to Morocco by bus several times. The first went to Morocco in May 2000, I was alone and public transport. Since then made the trip many times that I have lost count.

The bus route to Morocco is super easy to do, leaving Lisbon at around 18horas, comes to price at around 10 am, ready to catch the ferry from 11 am. Could not be easier.
How to go to Morocco by bus?

For example, imagining that we want to go from Lisbon to Marrakech:

1. Lisbon by bus from Algeciras -> Tarifa
2. Ferry-boat from Tarifa to Tanger
3. Train from Tanger to Marrakech

And there are already ready. Easier than it there. Thought it would be so simple is it? :)

The bus goes from Lisbon to the Port of Algeciras, where you should buy the ticket from the FRS Company, this ticket gives you access to a free bus ride from Algeciras to Tarifa, about 20km away.

Do not buy any more company or to anyone. Look for the booth selling the GRF and not connect it to what people might say, because many men lie just to the ticket you buy with other ferry companies, so they then earn commission.

The boats in Tarifa begin at 9am and there are two trips in two hours until 23:00. The ticket costs 37 Euros boat trip, and if you buy round-turn has a 10% discount.
How to travel to Morocco for transport?

Morocco is very easy to travel by train, bus or shared taxis. Hundreds of buses every day to various destinations like Casablanca, Marrakech, Dakhla Agadir Erfoud.

Then there is the system of shared taxis, called "grand taxis", which Mercedes is leading to seven people to travel faster. The railway line in Morocco league cities like Tangier to Marrakesh, Tangier to Fez, Tangiers to Rabat, etc..

Travel to Morocco by plane

To fly to Morocco is easy and is also a very inexpensive option with a time of very rapid flight.

I did some plane trips out of Marrakech in Morocco to Lisbon, Madrid to Marrakech, Marrakech to London and Brussels to Marrakech, Marrakech until Barcelona, Casablanca to Bamako in Mali, and finally Paris to Marrakech. All the flights were normal.

The airport of Marrakech is a modern airport with the ease of being really close to the city center. Taxis are priced 50-10 Euros, or too easy, the bus to the city center that costs about 2 Euros.

I like to travel to Marrakech since Casablanca is a city with little interests, and is already far South, the area where I move and where I live.

A few years ago that the Moroccan airspace was closed to foreign companies. Since the opening of that airspace, some companies with low cost charter flights began making Morocco a more attractive destination with very cheap prices.

One of the best and cheapest ways to travel from Lisbon to Marrakech is to take a Vueling flight from Lisbon to Madrid, and then catch a flight from Madrid to Marrakech by Easyjet, Atlas Blue or the company.

My sister Rita who lives in Ouarzazate, have to go to Portugal this month (January 2009), and yesterday bought the plane tickets. Paid for the journey Marrakech to Madrid and Madrid to Lisbon a total of 50 euros with taxes already included.

Sometimes there are flights to Marrakech by a mere 50 Euros! Yes it's true. Marrakech to Madrid for 50 euros round trip ... .. and sometimes we have flights from Lisbon to Madrid for 10 euros.

Plan your trip in advance and get flights so much cheaper if you buy tickets with two or three months in advance are usually much cheaper, but do not precipitate, expect to see prices for a month, and then, bing! attack! It also depends on the time for which you choose to travel. If it is high season prices will be much higher.
Cheap Airlines Morocco
From Lisbon to Madrid by plane


Madrid to Marrakech by plane


From Brussels to Marrakech by plane


From Paris to Marrakech by plane


Well, I think that's all, I hope have helped!
Good luck to your travel!

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