best time of year to visit Jamaica

was curious what is the best time of year to visit, weather wise?


Country: Jamaica



It depends what weather you like. I prefer July when it is warm and there are a lot of happening in Montego Bay and other places.

Although Jamaica is small there are different weather patterns in some parts of the country. In Mandeville for example it can be a few degrees cooler in the warm months because of the altitude (2000 ft above sea level). On the plains especially on the South Coast it is sunshine majority of the time. On the coastline you can experience varying wind patterns (Treasure Beach, Bluefields, Ocho Rios, Negril Montego Bay and Port Antonio). Try to plan a trip where you can experience a mix of these climates and atmospheres.

I think the best time to visit is between late January to the beginning of May, then from June to August. That's when we get the most sun and it is not extremely hot either, it is of course hotter between June and August - as that is a part of the hurricane season.

Coming at times of our National Celebrations are always a good time because rain or shine you are guaranteed to have fun so keep close watch on our events calendar- Music Festivals, Independence and Emancipation Celebrations, Christmas etc. for a great cultural experience.

Note that the Caribbean Hurricane Season is from June to November. With this period comes high levels of humidity, varied levels of rain and the occasional hurricane. This can sometimes be the best time to visit, as - if timed right- you can get some really good weather in between the bad weather. But this of course is a gamble.

Most hotels during this period keep close watch on the weather and give advisories if bad weather is expected. We all want to ensure that you enjoy your stay so bad weather affects us as much as it does you. Those that remain open do so because they are prepared and equipped to handle a hurricane- infrastructure wise.

I wanted to give you advice on all angles- hope this helped. Enjoy your visit to Jamaica regardless of when- liquid sunshine or rays of gold- we look forward to hosting you.
January-May and July-August is the best time. The period of end May to Late June is is lots of rain. During the winter time is good but there are periods of rain within that time. Remember during the hurricane period any thing can happen so check the weather channel before booking.
"When is the Best Time to Visit Montego Bay, Jamaica?"

One of the biggest factors in planning your trip to Jamaica is deciding when to go. When deciding you should consider the three most important aspects; (1) Costs (2) Peak/Off-Peak Season and (3) Jamaica Weather. What you want will determine the best time of the year to visit Jamaica. If you want a low cost, less crowed vacation and don't mind the possibility of a rain shower than the summertime is an excellent time for you to go. If you want an almost guaranteed rain-free vacation and don't mind paying more and either don't mind or enjoy the crowds, than the wintertime is perfect for you.

The peak tourist season runs during the winter season with Christmas and Easter being the busiest times. The winter season runs from mid-December to mid-April. It is the most popular time to visit Jamaica and requiring the greatest amount of pre-planning. You should make your reservations 2 or 3 months prior to your desired winter season visit to assure that you can get your desired accommodations with some resorts needing at least 1 year in advance. This may be the most popular time to visit Montego Bay, Jamaica, but, not necessarily the best. This increase in tourism causes an increase in prices, not to mention crowds.

Taking a trip to Montego Bay doesn't have to be expensive. You can save a lot of money traveling in the less-crowded summer season, from mid-April to mid-December. The slight dip in visitors in the off-peak season often causes prices to ease up quite a bit. In hopes of boosting tourism, many hotels offer discounts on rooms during that time with 20-50% off or more! In addition to the reduced rates, many of the larger resorts also offer incentive packages that often include air, hotel, car rentals or other benefits. Check Out Some Resort Incentive Packages Here: Caribbean Resorts from $98

Cheaper flights are also offered by airlines that frequently fly to the islands. Traditionally, airline ticket prices are reduced for travel between mid-April and mid-December. However, it's always wise to research early and keep an eye out for deals that may appear as the winter rush begins to drop off. Vacationing in the summer can help alleviate some of the cost, while still providing all of what makes Montego Bay, Jamazing! Travelocity SAVES You 20% or MORE on Air Fares.
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The weather pattern is basically the same throught the year. The rainy season is May and October, although it is not a sure thing to have any rain during those months. June to September is usually a bit hotter than the other months, an Hurricanes are possible during these months. but on a whole you can visit jamaica anytime. it is just nice.
Hi there,

Jamaica is blessed with good weather all year long so weather is never a detering factor for potential visitors. With that said, anytime is usually a good time to visit. I will however caution you about late July into September when we there is the possibility of a hurricane.
Id say January till May before hurricane season as during hurricane time the weather can be most unpredictable. Of course travelling between January and March is high season so harder to get a good deal but not impossible. Over Easter is the same thing so book around it.
hey i think summer is best but any time you come to jamaica you'll have fun no dout!!!
April 15th to Dec. 15th is the time you get the best deals on Hotels. So staying in the months of Nov, Dec and March you have 70-80 degree weather. Barring a chance of hurricane in Nov. Most of the time it is a wonderful trade wind during these months in Negril. If you come June to Sept. you will have extreme heat and humid and must have A/C to sleep.
Certainly Summer. Lots of things going on in Jamaica as well like SummFes the Biggest Reggae Festival. Sun is hot, water is clear.
Anywhere from June to August. However May is good also.
Hi!!! It depends on what weather types you like! You see although Jamaica is a tropical country, it has different weather patterns..From december - may its much cooler, with sunshine as well.June to November is hurricanes and rainy season and july -august the humidity is high too most times..So its all up to you now..
the best time is during the winter months because it is not so humid.But really any time is good if it's the weather that concerns you.

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