what is the best place to stay for a two night stay in corcovado,looking at La Leona Lodge and corcovado adventure tent camp any...



Country: Costa Rica


Why don't you try Corcovado Adventures Tent Camp near Drake Bay??

Buena suerte Mindy!

They are both very basic. La Leona is in Carate and Adventure Tent Camp is in Drake. I like it better in the Tent Camp; is closer to the town in case you want to go there. Besides, Larry the owner, is a friend of mine. Food is good and the location is excelente!
Finca exotica is really the nicest place their - when not even on earth (I am just a big fan and not the owner)
I better prefer to stay at the National Park facilities, its very safe, very cheap and you are just on the wild.

Entrance to Corcovado National Park is permitted through ranger stations at San Pedrillo in the northwest, La Leona in the southeast, and Los Patos in the northeast. Camping is allowed at these stations campgrounds, or there are modest accommodations at the park headquarters and research center in Sirena, located on the Pacific shore within the park boundaries.

Anywat, there are plenty of hotels, cabins, camp grounds around Corcovado Park, so its up to you.
Hello Mindy, although both camping places are basic, they are lovely, you can enjoy Corcovado at its best in any of these beautiful places. For me, la Leona is just awesome; Luggage is taken from Carate to the camp by horse drawn cart, while you will enjoy a kilometer long hike along a stunning beach. Bolivar (the best guide in Corcovado) will take you to the park and provide you with the most memorable tour ever. If you need transfer or any other information, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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