Freelance Certified Tour Guide Person

Hello am looking for the service of Certified Freelance Tour guide in Ghana Please mail if you are cerftified Tour guide person in Ghana Best Regards Jay


Country: Ghana


yes i am. i have a certificate in Tourism from the HOTCATT(Ministry of Tourism)
HOTCAT(Hotel Catering and Tourism Institute)
Tour Guiding
Ground handling Skills
Tour Operation
Yes !!! please am a certified tour guide in Ghana, you are always welcomed..
You are welcome to touring Ghana in comfort and security with various services packaged for your delight. Can contact me on 00233540955740 for any questions on certification and other services.
Thank you so much for your question we really appreciate it so much, well i will tell you that, I am a certified tour guide and also the founder of HelpFix Foundation, we don't take money from tourist but rather we give them free tour guide. Because HelpFix is an NGO and we are focused in spreading the good work HelpFix has for Ghana. And part of our operations we do free tour Guide and many more. you can reach us on 00233244411154
you are always welcomed,i am a certified tour guide person,contact me on 00233242221623
Thanks a lot Jay,well,am not a certified tourist guide,but i had worked as a tourist guide for volunteers and most whites who comes to tour Ghana for years now and i know i can perfectly fit into your category to help you tour GHANA.Thanks alot.hope to see you soon in Ghana.
Yes i am. Fell free to mail me if you need anything specific
yes mr i am a certified and and holder of diploma certificate from the international school of aviation .
I'm currently an undergraduate student studying TOURISM in the University.
I am a certified social researcher who knows about our traditional areas and other places of interest. Depending on your interest I can give you the necessary knowledge.

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