Hi Locaytes I would like to hire 5 Rav4's in Mombasa. If you have any or would know someone who might have these cars, please get in...

...touch with me or help me with their contacts. Thank you


Country: Kenya


Have you tried Ketty Tours or Glory car hire? Not sure what vehicles they have but they are biggest in town...they are on the internet if you google them.
Asante sana kwa ujumbe wako. We will Google them .

Twakutakia siku njema.
Glory car hir are very cost effective, Avis car hire are rather reliable and have a wide variety and Asaray tours are quite eager to please...
Dear Roxanna, I will get in-touch with them . Have a good day.
i would love to help you out with this. the question though is the specifics... how long do you need the vehicles? is it self drive or with driver? get in touch.. +254722200524
With drivers for 15 days. We are looking for a competitive rates.
You can either go the conventional way and enquire from car rentals like AVIS otherwise I can give you the contact of relieable persons who can rent you out those tye of cars. You can send me an email on
We have send you a mail. Thank you. good day
Hi, when would you need them and for how long. Its very important to know these details.
We need the cars for 15 days with drivers .
Hello sir...i think a could be of help.I usually work with this Tour firm Distance Tours for all car hiring.They do have them and you could enquire directly from them.Even when the president comes to Mombasa ,most of his entourage use Distance Rav 4's.I know personaly Jack ,the owner of the Tour firm and he is a very nice guy and could give you the cars at a very competitive rates.
Thank you Rashid i will contact them . God bless.
Hi, we offer Car rentals, can provide you with the required vehicles at very competitive rates. email us on: . We will contact you on the same. Kind Regards.
i can't help u with that please
Please contact 0722833984 David he may be able to help you.

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